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Self Reliance In A Modern Age


I was thinking about the reasons, causes, and circumstances that cause or at least have contributed to the loss of self reliance. Obviously there are many. Cell phones, video games, social media, lack of parental interaction and guidance, more population living in large cities, etc.
Something I believe, and some of the conversation would seem to support the idea, is that because of all the things I mentioned kids today dont go out and play. It’s a fundamental part of growing up for all animals. By going out and interacting with the environment you learn the basics of how the world works. In the process of roughhousing with siblings, encountering other animals, pulling down branches, rolling logs, throwing rocks, falling in the water, sliding down a hill, the brain gets some basic programing to cope with, interact with, and safely navigate the physical environment around us.
We seem to be the last generation to have these skills and the last to have the freedom or ability to go out and be independent.


@jeffing65 I bet many of you are like me…in my lifetime I have fixed vehicles, remodeled houses down to the frame, built items I needed in the shop, etc.

Not a specialist, not formally trained, but I have a pretty good handle on how things work and can solve a problem.

As a former teacher I agree, critical thinking and problem solving skills are lacking in our schools and youth. And it starts in childhood!


I Think it’s More of ‘‘A Pissed Off Thing’’ But Myself I always carry the 12 volt Air Pump’ just for these Occasions ! Along with knowing where and who took my vise grips LAST :rofl: And I know You Also Carry One for all the Off Road/ logging Road travel We did in Our Youth! It’s a Toss Up for Me Which I Hate Worse Flats or Coolant Leaks First Thing in AM.


I have used ground pepper in a radiator before and it leaks for a bit then blocked up a pin hole it only lasted for a few hours but got me out of trouble


@DivaMarie Oh man! that is a toss up? I’m with you there. neither one is a way to start the day.


It is getting harder to keep our kids in a safe environment and I pity the next generation which will no doubt be worse. All we can do is protect them as best we can and I screen parents as well if I have any concerns my kids don’t go to there house for play datesthey can come to mine.

There are these three girls that come over and parents use meth in front of them I feel sorry changes or the kids we feed them up with a good meal and would never allow our kids to go to there place the parents dont own a car and have never been to our farm and i wouldn’t allow them to its sad we notified the authorities I hope the girls don’t follow in their parents footsteps


Amen to that, If the great powers of Mind Hadn’t decided to ship Our Major Industry over Seas
All these Years’ I Have always believed in the Major Trade Schools for Our Lost And Aimless Children like has been done by Others Overseas.


@DivaMarie @Craig75 I just got back from the school actually. I volunteer there three days a week working with nothing but foster kids who have been recently taken from their parents and placed in the system.

Some of these kids are being housed in hotel rooms with a social worker simply because we don’t have temporary foster homes.

I work with roughly 20 kids grades k-2nd and that is in a town of less than 8,000!

Its the drugs, its the mills closed down, its poor education (degrees in women’s history when mechanics jobs sit empty!) its the permissive culture that came from california and turned a red state like oregon blue. Its the acceptance of things we wouldn’t tolerate just a generation ago.

All I know is I work with a lot of sweet confused little children who are most likely going to grow up to be just like their parent.:pensive:

Sorry…don’t mean to be such a downer.



Growing up there wasn’t the drug problem as now, but still my parents had to know or meet the parents of other kids I knew, before going to their house.
We were poor and lived in a poor part of town. It wasn’t a bad place and all the people were decent, honest, and hardworking.
I can still remember from when I was very young, families and kids that were terribly poor and looking back, surely on the very edge of survival.(I feel guilty sometimes. For them my family must have seemed like kings)
I can remember one in particular that was a single mother and a little boy. My mom would always make certain he had something to eat anytime we played together. Just as you with the three girls, things that may seem insignificant and are of no burden for us to give like a meal or a safe place to be for a while, away from abuse, fear, neglect, or just the harsh reality of a family with not enough to go around. For some it might be the only good and decent times and memories these kids will ever get.


[quote=“Johnksg, post:109, topic:3193”]
All I know is I work with a lot of sweet confused little children who are most likely going to grow up to be just like their parent.:pensive:

Although the odds are against you and them, if abandon with no help their fate is pretty much sealed, but your help along with others gives a chance.


Its a sad world and I agree that children most likely will follow in their parents footsteps however I hope that they can see from there upbringing and see other children’s upbringing and realise that what there parents did was wrong

I am quoting my grandfather he used to say

Everyone has a set of hands
Everyone has there own mind
Everyone is in charge of their destiny
You can’t control the world
You can control who you are
You will become what you create yourself to be

When I was younger I was like hey your crazy this doesn’t make sense but as an adult I realise it was the best advice he ever gave me.

This is my son in front of a sign that reflects what my grandfather always said


@jeffing65 thank you brother, you know my situation, and I worry a bit that when that day comes they will lose an advocate.

All I do is buy 'em clothes and school supplies, make sure they get something for christmas, meet with them for 30 minutes a day to teach them the alphabet or some basic math, but mostly just to make them laugh!

It is not much…I can’t change the world.


@johnksg You are changing the world for the children you help… without people like you they are doomed… you are a hero to a few and I’m sure they will never forget


@Craig75 Not really. Let me explain. I have been an interventionist, a trouble shooter for public school, worked with at risk kids my entire career since the Marines.

All I could ever give them were a few “good years” all I could ever give the schools were some higher test scores.

Every one of those kids I saw grow up and fall into drugs, gangs, teen pregnancy, and prison…except one.

That one became a social worker, a boy I taught to read in H.S. He said I was his inspiration at his graduation from college!

Two years later he was stabbed to death in a parking lot by a client he was trying to help.

I just try to “nibble around the edges” but I can’t change the world.


You were a hero to that one who was killed. An inspiration a mentor who only wished to join your crusade in helping others… He is with God and was saved by you then killed by the devil. He become a matyr by helping others.

In my eyes you are a hero there is nothing anyone can say to change my mind


@Craig75 heroes succeed against the odds…they wrest victory from the jaws of defeat! I have done none of those things.

I appreciate your kind words.

I have always been drawn to the troubled kids, being a marine and an educated hillbilly they were always just “my kinda people!”

the schools and the public gave me lots of awards, funding, and recognition for doing things like putting ghetto kids on bikes and racing across the country.

All those kids ever had, and I as their teacher, were moments of greatness.

And that leads me to circle back to the topic. We have lost something in this society, there is a sickness that pervades our society. 100 years ago any one of those kids could have found success, made something of themselves, been self reliant, staked a claim on a piece of ground, made a home, or have been someone you would have been proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with in hard times!

Not today, not the way things are.


I am a stubborn Aussie grunt my mind is made up you are a hero in my eyes my friend even if it is something that we may not agree on :+1:


I Commend You Sir !! For the Great Things You do to ! To Try and Give these Kid’s some kind of Positive Attitude And Caring and Love! ‘‘This Piss Poor Situation’’ That Has Evolved! and Reared it’s Ugly Head!! Who was the ‘‘Damn Mental Giant’’ That thought We should Ship Washingtons and Oregons Lumber to Japan ?? My Father and his brothers Had 5 Lumber Companies from Washington to Toledo Ohio. I Know they are all Rolling in the Grave over this One.
Foster Care and Housing and Funding went out the Window When Oil Prices Pooped Out ’ And The State of AK Fun Tickets Went Dry’ The Same with Help For People in the Criminal System, Way too many On Parole and not Enough Help jobs etc.


@DivaMarie yeah I know…my family has “chased the timber” for generations.

Honest work, the ability to solve your own problems, raise a family and hold your head high in church…and maybe a boat for fishing on Saturday. That was all we ever asked, no strike that, we NEVER asked for ANYTHING! We served our country and our community.

I feel like that is being taken away from us?


Yes Sir’ But the Hell did we know? We were Too God Damn Busy’ Trying to Make Head’s or Tails of the Shit Storm on the L Z.


if we or should isay if our parents knew what went on when we were children we would have been restricted too look whats all coming to light now clearical abuse and children had been abused by other organisations i know we didnt have the drug problem ,then and now a lot of kids are getting a raw deal ,shame on those who inflict it they should be strung up by the bolxxxs with barb wire and used as target practice :rage::rage: