Self Reliance In A Modern Age


@Johnksg @DivaMarie @cico7 @VAbowhunter @Texprep i think when your mother said wait till your father gets home was that it was the fathers job to keep us in line because then our mothers had a lot of work to do around the house spec. if there was a lot of kids in the house she made sure we were all dressed ,washed lunches for school ,beds changed and made ,clothes washed hung out on line taken in ironed meals prepared breakfast dinner tea shopping and a lot more need i go on ,and that needed to be done almost daily mothers didnt have the time or energy to keep us in check


I know I wasn’t in your list, but it was different in my house. I was 6 years old taking a whoop’n from mom when I waited for her to stop, turned to look her in the eye and asked if I could go back out and play. She caught her breath and continued until she had broken a blood vessel in her hand and couldn’t continue. At which point I bounced back outside to play. Mom never whoop’d me again. I was 14 before I tried it on pops and he spun me around and beat me like a man. He invited me to fight back and taunted me as he demonstrated that I wasn’t nearly ready to try taking pops.

So, that’s to say: a whoop’n from pops was simply a more effective deterent. Mom figured out the best medicine for my hard head and hard butt was the “dissapointed” word which always resulted in me punishing myself harder and more severely than either of them could manage.


@Dred sorry you wernt on the list but wasent really a list if i put everyones name down id take up all the space on the forum ile try not leave you out next time :joy::joy::joy:



Please include me, too, next time. Thanks!

(I had that “wait till your Daddy gets home”…too).


@JohnB no problem john :smile:

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@Dumasor dont forget wells can run dry in summer too


Hey Hunter - Re well - Roger that. The well is 500 ft deep with a static water level of 450 ft. That’s a good water reserve, but at only 5-6 gal/min, we’ve walked away from the garden hoses for a few hours and run it dry at least a couple times. May have contributed to the 1st pump lasting only 15 years.


@Dumasor my bore is 180 feet down dont know how much water down there more than likele its an underground river lots of them over here submersable pump going strong 20 years ,ive been causious enough not to leave any hoses or taps running only one time a outside pipe pulled out of its joint while at work and it just burnt the pressure contact switch out not more trouble since then keep the fingers crossed i havent spoken too soon


Thank you for the info! I am running a bit behind on my projects, but this one is pretty high on my list! :grin::+1:

As far as the whuppins go…mom was a master of psyops. She would lay on the guilt trip so thick that I would rather have had the spankin! (At least it was over quick.)

Do you guys realize that everything we are joking about, part of our shared collective past, would get your children taken away from you by the state?! :confused:


That in itself is a CRIME, don’t you think??? I believe (for the ‘most’ part,) us BABYBOOMERS are all right!!! :thinking: I praise our parents (and ‘the switch…’) :+1: If history truly REPEATS on a ‘biblical notion,’ then it is time to reintroduce THE GOSPEL to today’s world?!? It is time to reinvent GEOFFREY with Toy’s-R-Us (et al) Now, the future SELF RELIANCE “IN A MODERN AGE~NEW WORLD ORDER”… ‘Woopuns-R-Us???’ The next generation can be saved! Amen.



Sorry about this. I said Engineer777 and it’s Engineer775. Here’s a link to his channel. Very good stuff.




Meant to put this link in as well.

It’s got a report in it that specifically deals with parts. That’s at the end so stay with it.


@Johnksg @Dumasor @JohnB @Dred @DivaMarie @russ @cico7 how times have changed too many do gooders in the world too many changes but its always going to happen ,people used to fear the police ,your teacher ,or anyone in autority it kept most of us in check but now its the opposite , some changes are good some are not


I pray that HISTORY can ‘cycle’ at a ‘faster rate…’ Repeat drama is not something that one will ever want to live through again. However, in OUR BABYBOOM ERA, we were raised with some of the best moral values? Growing up was just a bit more ‘painful?’ Big smiles!