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Self Reliance In A Modern Age


@GOBLIN I had a timber wolf hybrid as a kid…

When folks locked up the dog I knew I was in for a whuppin and ran for the hills. Quite literally.

Thats another thing you can’t do now that I think about it. I actually had to go to the wood pile a pick my own stick to be beat with. :laughing:


HAHAHA @Johnksg Yes we had electric street lights lol, but I do remember when I was young the road construction sites had little round pots with some kind of fuel and a wick that was lit and were just left to burn overnight unattended. They looked like some sort of bomb from a cartoon just like these :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: lol


smudge pots Triggerhappy they used to put em out when the bridge would wash out…


My dad was an orchard manager for many years when I was young and they would use those to keep the frost from settling on cold nights too.


We used to use them on the range to blacken our front sights on M16s


@Johnksg @TriggerHappy same here as long as you were home for dinner and never be brought home by cops because the thick ear ya got off them you got another from the parents:joy:


@hunter1916 oh my! Remember being marched on your tip toes cause mom had a hold of that ear?

…sigh the good old days! :grin:


@Johnksg watched that film the other night stand by me life was like that specaily during the school summer hols if only our parents new half the stuff we got up to they be calling the cops them selves and be grounded for life with very thick ears :smiley:


@hunter1916 I think they knew, after all they were kids once as well. It was kinda like “don’t ask, don’t tell!” Lol


centuries ago, seems like, me and the old man were skinnin honey locust poles, to stick in the ground (never rot ever) i was young, 8-9 somewhere in there, carrying a slick end out, him in the front, slipped out of my hands, and centered my right foot. took all the toenails and some of the meat, right off. . all i was wearing was moccasins ( boots in winter mocc’s or barefoot in summer.) he made me peel the mocc off just “to see”
faster than a copperhead under a warm potbellied stove, his hand swung around, grabbed a coal oil lamp on the porch rail, pulled the cork, and dumped coal oil on that raw foot.
(old mans cure all for everything, internal and external was coal oil, thus none of us were ever sick more than 1 time)

I hit the weeds, mocc in hand, faster than a butt shot bobcat.
lived out of the creek up the holler for 4 days. (took 2 to cool that foot off in the mud)

swear, bout dark when i slid in, I heard him mutter 'damnit" under his breath.
what was a lil more unsettling, I hear mom take another plate out of the cabinet…



@Johnksg problaby but kids these days dont know how to make there own fun without modern tecnology


@hunter1916 I guess it works both ways though.

My kid tried to get me to play Fortnite with him…

I ended up yelling and getting mad, hollering, “I own that damn gun thats not how it works!” Or “who the hell hopps and shoots?!”

He still teases me about it! :disappointed:


@Johnksg ha ha ha ha i was more talking about street games with friends and neighbours


@hunter1916 I know you were, sadly kids don’t interact that way anymore.

But then again I can’t do what they do either.


My dad would get deployed to the Med for six months so my mom would pack us kids up and we go stay with her mom until he returned. Living with Granny and my mom was like having two moms. Granny would beat my butt just as quick as my mom. I knew I was in for a whuppin when Granny would tell me, “Stevie, go get me a hickory.” I’d have to go cut my own switch and if it wasn’t up to her standards, the whuppin was twice as bad.


@VAbowhunter my mean ole granny used willow switches!

The welts were something to behold!


My parents would have to take me to the emergency room to get stitches or a cast at least once every summer when I was a kid. I can still see most of the scars after all these years and boy do they bring back the memories. I was definitely a free-range kid and spent every waking moment in the woods with my BB gun.


@Johnksg Amen to that! You simply didn’t sass granny!


@VAbowhunter but these days people go to jail for that, or lose their kids.:confused:


@VAbowhunter i remember one summer my mother had three of us in the hospital my self and 2 younger brothers all at the same time:joy: