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Self Reliance In A Modern Age


@russ truer words have never been spoken. I know people that have never ate meat that didnt come off a Styrofoam plate, never had gator tail or swamp chicken, never cut out palm heart to eat, or fried hoppers, or trapped a mess of mudbugs, and had a boil with brothers…

Used to go frogging with my dad when I was a kid and we used an old burlap sack as a seine to catch crawdads. Have had most of what's on your list, not sure what swamp chicken is. Those are great eats!


@Dane. LOL you named it brother. “swamp chicken” is frawg legs. gotta watch cookin em in a open skillet, they will kick right out tha pan…


had a little more snow here the weekend as i was traveling i carried a shovel ,20kg bag of salt ,chainsaw, extra clothing and some food and water ,well i ate the food drank the water but managed without using anything else and got back home safely @JohnB



Glad to hear you are ok.

Now, you are bringing back memories of my life in Chicagoland, especially in the winters. I had (4) 50 pound salt bags in the back of my pickup, as well as a shovel and a few other items to help me stay mobile. Managed just about every occasion as a result.

Nowadays, no matter where I go or live, I like having similar things to keep me going, but I stick with 4 wheel drive SUV’s instead of pickup trucks. Easier for me to get traction, but I do miss the cargo capacity I had back then.

I have driven between Los Angeles and Las Vegas a few times. Everytime, I bought a couple of gallons of water, some snacks, and took it easy on the speed. Made it everytime, though saw some cars overheated (in the summer time), along the side of the road. So, at least sometimes, it also pays to drive smart (not too fast, and turning off the a/c when the motor starts to get too hot, despite the heat outside).


the best a/c is windows down and cruising the highway at a nice steady pace and a cold drink next to ya @JohnB


@hunter1916 the older I get the more I miss the “simple pleasures” of the past! Not just for nostalgia, but for the simplicity and reliability!

Hot? Roll down the window! :grin::+1:


@hunter1916 , @Johnksg

For my summer crossings between LA and LV, rolling down the windows and nursing a cold (soft) drink is just what I did, but only (right) after the temperature gauge started rising in the car.

It worked. Yeah, a bit of nostalgia, too. Thanks for the reminder of simpler times.


I always tell my son that my generation was the last of the tough men. Car seats? Never heard of em. Seat belts, didn’t use em. Drive with a cold beer and a cigarette? Was there any other way to drive? Hell even our toys could kill us with lead paint, sharp metal edges and little fiddly bits we could choke on.

It was Darwinism at its finest, only the best survived! :grin:



Maybe our ‘great, great’ grandchildren will have a chance? History (supposedly) repeats itself??? Big smiles!


Dam right!
I often wonder how many other countries go to such lengths to protect our collective ass than we do. If it wasn’t for U.S. law China would have no economy.


@cico7 I guess most of these changes are good…but I remember playing in the back of that big old IH Suburban on family road trips; compared to the kids today. My son has been strapped down and imobilized in these uncomfortable car seats his whole life.

No wonder he never wants to leave the house. Who could blame him?

Yet at the same time things don’t really seem all that better from the abundance of cautions. Drunks still kill people, kids still lock themselves in old fridges…its tragic, but there is no such thing as 100% safe.


@hunter1916 Back in the day we called it 440 air conditioning - 4 windows down at 40 miles per hour …


@Johnksg i agree with you 110% kids these days wrapped in cotton wool we all have scars from growing up its part of it but these days here in ireland parents are suing on behalf of there kids for little scars and cuts and there being awarded thousands if i sued for my scars i be very rich man it makes me mad at the system times like this


Chicks dig scars.
What is this new breed going to offer?


@cico7 Not to much, you have to get out there and do something to get scars…they might get blisters on thier thumbs.:grin:


@dave67 @hunter1916 @cico7. Parents get the police called on them just for letting their kids play in the yard unsupervised.

Our day that was expected of us, just be home for dinner! :confused:


I was a “free range” kid. Just be home when the street lights come on…


@TriggerHappy You had street lights? :astonished:


it was that unsettling “damnit” you heard as you walked in after being absent for 3/4 days… that was kinda unsettling…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: