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Self Reliance In A Modern Age


@jeffing65 @GOBLIN That is Really Cool’:smiley: I Also have never seen Anything like this in the Usable design, Unlike the Alaska Natives (UlU) with bone handles etc.


@jeffing65 Got a title or link on that?? Sending you a message about the obsidian…


@TriggerHappy sorry. lol


@GOBLIN your flint knife pic reminded me I also want to get out and hunt for antler shed - I’ve come across some before but never really intentionally looked so I started a little research and found this and thought others might find this interesting too… I never knew how it actually happened.



@jeffing65 thanks bro - got a copy on the way! :+1:


@TriggerHappy Cool. I think it is a very good book and I think you will like it as well.


antler shed, Jawbone coyote jaw with the teeth still in makes a excellent grip, I do cheat a lil. I use synthetic sinew, you can pull it tight and it dont shrink or loosen.


@TriggerHappy That’s quite a video. It doesnt always happen that way though. Some times they will shed one at a time. They will sometimes rub off the second one nearby and sometimes not. I have seen deer and elk both, over a period of days, with only one side.
Mule deer shed from approx. beginning of Jan. through beginning of March.
Elk generally shed in March. A few smaller bulls will sometimes carry them through April.

Be sure to check your state laws regarding shed hunting. Some states have set shed hunting seasons.
In some states it is not allowed at all. In West Virginia it is illegal all together I believe. In Nevada it is illegal to pick up or possess any animal skulls, antlers etc, of any kind from road kill, winter kill, cat kills, death from natural causes, at any time. I’m not sure about their shed rules.

A couple non-typical Mulie singles I wish I could have found the mates to. Especially the big one with the drop tine.


A couple things on the topic of what do we carry for emergency and preparedness.
Three things I also carry in my truck/jeep supplies, that I don’t think has been mentioned, is a big roll of yellow construction caution tape, a spray can of florescent orange marking paint, and a can of ether. (starting fluid) .


@jeffing65 a can of ether is great and a must have for those of us with old, carburetor vehicles! :grin::+1:


@Johnksg Yes it is. If you have to change a tire by hand, or if you have one that has rolled off the bead, it can be sprayed into the tire and ignited. The instant ignition flash will expand and reset the tire on the bead so it can be re-inflated.
Anyone doing this!! Take all care and caution!! Ether is very volatile, extremely flammable and instantly explosive. A tiny bit, especially in a small, enclosed space goes a very long way and as they say " Can cause serious injury and death."


@jeffing65 you know I used to watch those guys at the tire shop in mexico do that with heavy truck tires because they didn’t have the proper equipment.

Was fascinating to watch but would scare the bejeebers out of me to do on a regular basis!

I keep it in my bag of tricks “for in case of emergency only!” :astonished:


used to use it on split rims (in the cage) to lock the ring on a stubborn one…
2 things iin my truck? high lift jack and pull pal portable stump…


@Johnksg Makes me jump every time. lol


@GOBLIN Here’s a hanger set design for handyman jacks I used to make. I had one bolted to the back of a behind cab bed box and to the front of a brush guard. no one thought it was that cool. I expect more from the great minds here.


And since self reliance comes in all forms this is a must. My buddy just dropped by with this old vintage automotive refrigeration unit still new in the box. Having cold cocktails is paramount.


@jeffing65 @Johnksg Another Key Point in this Tire Seating (101) Is to Inform Those with Hangover’s in Shop ! Before ‘‘IGNITION’’ :rofl:


Great Idea, Keeps the Rattling down on those Logging Roads’:sunglasses:


@Johnksg: just had to add this footnote to this thread. Couldn’t think of an appropriate response of my own so turned to memories of books read. The following is from Robert A. Heinlein, noted author of Science Fiction:

At Least once every human should have to run for his life, to teach him that milk does not come from supermakets, that safety does not come from policeman, that “news” is not something that happens to other people. He might learn how his ancestors lived and how he himself is no different – in the crunch his life depends on his agility, alertness, and personal resourcefulness.


@russ That’s a great quote. And it is something that rings so true.:+1::+1: