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Self Reliance In A Modern Age


Chapsticks new formula doesn’t burn. I used to carry it in my first aid kit and fire starting kit. Now just the first aid kit. I have tried many different types and flavors, couldn’t get any of them to burn just melt.


Just saw a great story on the news…8 friends took a trip to Japan, they rented a boat for the day to visit an island. On the way back the boat capsized due to rough seas. As they jumped off the sinking boat the woman grabbed her “go to” bag. This woman worked for FEMA and in that bag she had her waterproof iphone with local emergency numbers already loaded into it. The wet iphone worked and within 90 minutes the Japan Coast Guard saved them and no one was hurt. This situation could of had a much different outcome if this woman was not prepared for the “what if”.


@KM55 I think its because they took out the paraffin wax, to make it “safe” for the general public. just like they did with white tip “strike anywhere” matches. cant get the ones out of the store anymore, that strike anywhere , like a zipper,denim, side of your face if you weren’t sweating ect. has to be struck on the box. chemical in the striker pad that allows it to lite.

saying that you can get the waterproof lifeboat matches you can strike off a thumbnail, but they smokey…
you gotta save the few that are a danger to themselves. sheep always gonna be sheep.


This is my emergency fire kit.


@KM55 That is quite the fire starting kit…or kits :fire:, if you can’t get a fire going with all that then you are meant to be in the dark and eat cold food.


@dave67, that setup has never failed to get a fire started. Pouring rain or 20 degrees and it works


have to get a pic of my gear, never thought about that, have fire pistons, char cloth, lighter wood, flint and steel, fresnel lens( I like yours by the by) armageddon, several nano strikers, lifeboat matches, fire gell, wetfire cubes, light my fire /mora knife combo, fire cord, ,lighter mix,and my personal favorite Bow drill.

ive had people we camped with look at my knives, and

say in horror you actually use that divot?
(note where its polished)
it was girlchilds 7th birthday, we went camping as per our tradition I gave her her first bow (15lb bear “goblin”) and a bow drill set i made for her smaller hands. I kept at her, and it took her a hour or so to get it hot enough to to smolder and lite her tender. now at 17, she can lite one faster than me , got her pressure down rite, she used my knife first time, next year i gave her her own. teaches em patience it does. makes her own feather sticks now as well.

some of the knife pocket kits i make as well when i do the sheaths…


good improvised way to make fire? 9 volt battery and a bread tie, just dont burn your fingers…


One more thing to to illustrate the quality of the forum and prove theres always something to learn.

I did not know the chapstick thing. Although @KM55 mentioned it doesn’t work with new stuff it is one I never learned about.


@Johnksg need a dependable water supply come to rainy ireland :grinning: i have my own well 180 ft borehole nice clean water for 20 years now and hopefully a lot more years ahead ,also own septic tank in the 20 years its there i never had to touch it because it works properly


@hunter1916 the last few weeks have made me realize that the greatest resource a man can have is family!

Water is important…

But at the end of the day we are just all expendable “parts” it is the family unit, their history as well as their future that is important.

I want everyone to know how much I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!


Everything I can do is to prepare my family to be ready for the worse and I am either not there or have passed. I don’t drill them but be very subtle about teaching them. I always use family get togethers to show one of the kids different things and it is working. All but my granddaughter can start a fire at least 4 different ways. I have been trying to get them ready for life without the internet or cell phones but it’s a uphill climb.


@KM55 but it is a “climb” worth making sir!

They will thank you someday…but you will hope they don’t need to!


One of my favorite photos, by little boy and me on his first time shooting!:grin:




No doubt. Half my life ago I was really into 35mm photography - lighting, visual composition, dark room film processing, and all that and @Johnksg that image really is awesome in so many ways. I am intrigued by the exposure of the background - looks so cool with your camo and I have to say that hansom young man looks quite “TriggerHappy” lol :grin: :+1: and BTW - Ruger 10/22 Charger??


It really is! The background and even the border edge, with the beautiful clarity and color of the faces.


Likewise my friend…


Speaking of fire starting skills in a modern age lol Right now it’s 16 degrees outside, just got home from work and I’m re-starting a fire for the 2ND time in my fancy expensive EPA certified stove with a catalytic whatever that “reburns” the gasses and it’s fancy brass trimmed glass door that is finicky getting a good draft going… bone dry cedar kindling and everything… the best woodburners I have seen are crude nuthin fancy home built beasts that are roarin and shakin and chasin ya back out the door in five min lol…


@TriggerHappy it’s clear, 25, and 10-20mph wind here right now.


Longest night of the year, bright full moon, coyotes yippin’ and everything… hell I can almost here “Happy Trails” playing in the background lol