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Self Reliance In A Modern Age


@Johnksg by far the most essential element to life and survival. Water, cutting tool, cordage, and a container and I’m good. I urge everybody to get a metal match for starting fires as well. Takes some practice and a good dry tender bundle. Fire is another big one for me when I think about survival. I don’t eat sushi haha


@Flogrown I use a bic lighter! Lol

But I agree everyone should have more than 1 way to start a fire.


@Johnksg metal match doesn’t run out of fluid. :wink: I’m talking your going to be stuck for a while if the BIC gets wet that’s gonna present an issue



@Flogrown oh I have fire kits, don’t get me wrong! Tinder, steel wool, battery, cotton balls, wood matches, lighter, and a magnesium match…

But I always have a Bic lighter and some chapstick in my pocket for EDC.


@Johnksg atta boy, ah yes chap stick is a good one too.


@Flogrown Petroleum based will cure chapped lips, minor wounds, and start a fire! :grin::+1:


@Johnksg very good call sir. That’s what I love about you guys. I always pickup at least one good tip a day. :wink::+1::ok_hand:



Add in a heavy “D-ring” riggers belt and that is my walk out of the house set up.

I can start a fire, apply the belt as a weapon or tourniquete, cut and whittle with my pocket knife. And of course the PPQ is pretty good at stopping “bad guys” if the need arises! :grin::+1:


@Johnksg I will be adding some chapstick to my oh $#@+ bag for sure petro based. I have a survival knife with a water proof compartment in the handle the cap has a compass and inside I keep matches fishing line a few hooks half a wine Cork and some alcohol prep pads and a bandaid or two


I also think it is important to be organized!


@Johnksg I had really known that I had missed out on the WHOLE military experience… ORGANIZATION is the ‘key?’ lol This is very impressive, John! Thank God I have a good woman at home… Big smiles!


@Johnksg I see you have the oh so very important emergency Ding Dong’s. :laughing:


@dave67 that and Redvines and toilet paper! :grin::+1:


@dave67, I DID say that I had a ‘few’ challenges??? Diabetes is one of them! Lol. I do have it under control and my Endocrinologist is very happy with my A1C’s, even though I do cheat a little from time to time… @Johnksg, excellent COMA SARY choice, sir!!! Big grin.


You can get one of those magnesium block/striker fire starter kits at Harbor Freight for a couple of bucks and they work great.


best ones out there, and i use one quite a bit, is the gobspark unit, the Armageddon. a lot of what the stores are carrying now are knockoffs, from you guessed it,china. they use potmetal or aluminum which hits but not near as often
$18 SKU:: GSK-ARM is the kit. select color and magnesium rod. they will sparkup and lite a fire on a day the devil himself couldn’t…


@GOBLIN no doubt it has to be magnesium the spark it creates it something insane like °3,000F


@GOBLIN Just ordered the GobSpark palm scraper and the 3" magnesium bar, thanks for that info.:+1:
@Flogrown That magnesium burns at 4000 degrees F.:hot_face:


@Johnksg Living in Wet Forest Area, Searching for that wonderful Pitch Pocket, Playing Hide and go Seek with The Overgrown Muskeg Rat’s’ I Love (BLUE GOO) ? Pellet Stove Starting Gel’
Amazing Stuff’ Works 0n water & Snow.