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Self Reliance In A Modern Age


@DivaMarie @TriggerHappy

My very first job was laying 20’ water pipe in potato fields. One guy on each side of the trailer balancing those hand-lines on our shoulder running in freshly plowed fields trying to keep up with the tractor.

I made varsity football my first year! :grin:

Kids don’t work like that anymore…not even allowed to these days.


@Johnksg my dad and my poppa worked my a$$ off when I was coming up. I noticed the difference between me and the other boys on the dirt road. Most of my peers were just soft. Never had to do anything. It definitely builds character and makes you respect what you put in to earn what you earn.


@Flogrown I see that in the H.S. these days. Just a malaise, a sense of dependency and entitlement that is difficult for me to understand.

When I was a kid we all worked, made our own money to buy a car and some gas, and a little left over for a date with a pretty gal.

Never had to ask my folks for a dime from the time I was 13!

Even the girls worked at the local pizza parlour or dairy queen.

Now the Oregon labor laws wont allow it.


Just seems like they get lazier and lazier. You would know being a teacher you see it first hand


@Flogrown Former teacher…now I just volunteer! :grin:


@Flogrown but I do have the sense that young people are being poorly served by our schools and society. They just don’t know how to work, have no motivation, and do not even see opportunities all around them!


No doubt @Johnksg. They are babied and pampered catered to not taught how to make stuff happen on their own. Really disheartening to see. Work ethic is becoming endangered species unfortunately. I don’t think some of them could survive without AC and XBOX


i was given very little pocket money when i was a kid so from the age of 8 years old i was working with the bread delivery and milk delivery earning 10 pence [about 12 cents] a day


I was given allowance for completing jobs and tasks around the house…catch was if he had to ask me to do it I got nothing. My dad said you need to learn to look for things that need to be done or taken care of on your own. So if he ever had to ask me to do something he started deducting or if I got caught being a knucklehead as he still calls me today.


I got no allowance and neither did my brother and sisters. My Dad taught me how to mowe the grass and I did it every week with no pay, funny how my older brother couldn’t do it because of allergy’s? :thinking: I lined baseball fields for $2.50 each and soccer fields made me $5.00 each. I was also a lifeguard for only $2.50 hr. but got to watch the girls all day. :+1: When I started driving I worked in my Dad’s warehouse killing mice and cleaning warehouse bathrooms, whatever it took to put gas in the Dart.


My brother and I caddied at Bloomfield Hills Country Club every summer from junior high until senior year in high school (‘68-‘73). Flat rate $6.50 per loop (18 hole round) plus tip X two loops a day, paid cash, little shits makin’ some loot!

They taught us the proper way to shake a man’s hand, and Dainty Lady members too (oh that lesson stuck so good, thirty years later I get keel hauled over by a clip cut Col. Kleg type for still giving that prissy little ‘lady member’ handshake in a Woman’s World, don’t you know the paradigm has SHIFTED…!!!:flushed:) So yes, very formative years.

Notable moments: Lee Iacocca was a member; I caddied for John Delorean (super, super cooool!!) in a group including his wife, the actress Christina Ferrare; I was in a foursome with Glen Campbell but not his caddy.


@dave67 Wow A Man ! Who has been There and Done that :+1:! I had 4 Fields That had to Dragged and Chalked and Dug Outs Cleaned and Garbage Pulled by Noon For Soft Ball Tournaments’ Along with 4 Infield drags and Redoing Infield Base Lines And Home Plate Area.
Then When Fall Comes and we Convert All to Soccer’ 4-6 bags@ 60pd bags Was still doing This at 65 years Young! :sunglasses:


@hunter1916 I Used to have to keep Repeating myself to the Newbies on the Crew Hydraulics!! Hydraulics !! Work Smart’ Not Hard’ You Can be my Spotter and On the End of Shovel in the Sun All day, Or Get your Butt Up on the John Deere and Learn. :rofl:


“Burn diesel not calories” :wink: :+1:


@DivaMarie Yes, work smarter not harder. If you give the young helpers today more than one task at a time they will forget, and the task at hand?..might as well do it myself.


@dave67 How True In a Way,! Myself When I Started in the Automotive Trade, Lot’s Of Multi Tasking done in Many Types of Repairs! I Too was like (Chicken Man Running in Circles) Trying to Learn and Do it Right the First Time Etc! With a Shop Foreman with his Saddle and Spurs on Your A** all day!
I Learned and Become one of the Best Front End Men in the Northwest.
Today I’ll Offer to help But they have to At Least Find the ETM Manual and Open it Up !
My Nickname is (Grumpy) for a Reason!:sunglasses:
And Yes The Majority of the time it is Much Faster to do it Ourselves and not have the Damn Drama’


@DivaMarie, Remembering those ‘grunt days’ with a shop foreman on one’s tail… LOL That learning experience led me to a wonderful job with GM as a Claims Examiner, though. After an 8 hr day, it was hard to pry that phone receiver from my head!!! LMAO I would come home from my day and literally lean up against my wall every time the phone rang… I ‘still’ have a PTSD for phones! I guess that is why I spend my time on the puter??? LOL


best way to get them to do it is tell them not to do it :joy:


@TriggerHappy Go North my Son! :rofl: Past Chesaw ! Run ! If Only we had Put Up a Gate at The Pass Just After North Bend ! 65 yrs ago We’d be better Off, The Gorge, Vantage Under Water
Flooded by the Dam for What’ Oh Ya The (Bellevue Yuppies) Needed Some( Da**) Resource’
Main Street Bellevue Was Dirt and Gravel in 55, And I Commuted 120 miles a day from Index to U District area ! But My Rent for the log cabin was $56 a Year ! and Naturally drove VW bug.:sunglasses:


When I think about self reliance it always comes down to water!

When I had my own wells and a year round running stream it was not a big deal. But now that I live in an affluent suburb on the coast it worries me a bit!

In my mind if you don’t have dependable water then you really do not have much.