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Self Reliance In A Modern Age


@Flogrown my dad built some 80 heavy tanker water trucks. Sent em out on fire supression contracts with the feds, state, and insurance companies. When they were not doing road and construction work.

He was making $5,000 a day per truck back in the 1980s!

He always wondered about these mansions burned to the ground that had a big swimming pool full ow water in the back yard? :confused:


Funny story, when I was a kid and we had those fire jobs I would drive a double tanker truck for all of the smaller brush rigs to fill up on with water.

I was only 15 at the time!

No drivers license and sure as heck no CDL, if I passed over the scales they would have screamed in agony!

I had CHP and OSP escorts when they could spare the manpower.

Running those double tankers up logging roads would give you some serious “pucker factor”!

I would also get in the state penitentiary chow line…they had the best food! A .357 on my hip, a kid, getting steak and bacon with hardened criminals!

Now that I think about it the Marines were kinda easy for me. :grin:

I think what I miss most about those days was the spirit of “get the job done” and no worries about the rules and regulations…we fought some big fires back then and everyone was dedicated to saving homes and families.

Nothing sadder than picking through the ash of what was once a family home.

I know that spirit still exists…it just seems to be strangled somehow by the government.


@jeffing65 @DivaMarie @godallmighty

Things were just different then 30-40 years ago in the West. Ranchers, farmers, fishermen, and loggers were respected…smoke jumpers were heroes!

I never had any fear as a kid, not at least from my fellow man, my dad sent me on those jobs because he knew I could do it and it needed to be done!

He was not afraid I would be arrested, he was the one who told me to camp with the convicts.

And those guys were great! I would open the spigots and run out the lines for their showers and they always made sure I got to the head of the line and got enough to eat!

I carried a gun, well simply because that was how I was raised, but I never felt safer! Those guys would come off the line covered in soot and ash, bloody and grimey, and they would ask “how I was doing?” They were bad men, theives, bank robbers, some even killers…but when fire threatened we all answered the call! Occasionally we would lose a crew to fire, or a smoke jumpers chute wouldn’t open…we would mourn and go back to work. We had common cause and a common enemy! We fought the fires together.

It just seems so different now.

Read in the paper the EPA was handing out $75,000 fines for guys on fire crews having the wrong fuel line on their chainsaw?!


@Johnksg Sorry to say but @Flogrown is totally accurate… Check your locality. My county wanted to charge taxpayers for ‘water runoff!’ It did not fly but I know other districts are enforcing it. It is getting so ‘crazy’ one wonders why the interest of moving off-grid???


@jeffing65@Johnksg@Flogrown Look at what they are doing in Eastern Washington, With all the Water Diversion for the Irrigation of the Crops and The Ground Table is Affecting Private Wells on the Smaller farms,Like My Step Son in Ellensburg.
Last Fire Hydrant is at 25 mile’ No Water the next 20 miles/ End of Road’ A’lot of Rain Collection for My Mineing Partner @ 33 Mile Lived that way for last 30 years.
Back in the Youth years used to paddle out to the front of Mendenhall Glacier and Fill the Coolers with Glacier Ice for the Parties out the Road, Now it’s a ‘‘Hanging Offense’’ ! :sunglasses:


@DivaMarie The West has changed…and I for one do not like it, not one bit! :angry:


@Johnksg Okay I’m sure you heard About the water pipe line up North’ For shipping it Overseas
Great Idea Wonderful Save the Thirsty Kid ! :roll_eyes: They got to the Port and Forgot just one Teenie Tiny little Thing’ A dock and money to build it’


@DivaMarie LOL! :grin:

We have a similar problem with the LNG port they are trying to build here!


@Johnksg Yeah, that chlorine is going to suffocate that flora TO DEATH!


I’ve lived in wildfire country here in eastern Washington most of my life and it is only getting worse and the comments about not even being able to collect rainwater and dropping water tables and well drilling moratoriums are becoming more common I am afraid. Here it is all about saving the water for the salmon for the Indian tribes and not cutting the trees to save the spotted owls. There were some fire fighters killed up here and some were making the case that they possibly could been saved if the heli’s could have dipped in a closer water source that was protected. I am very fortunate to have gravity fed irrigation but some years it is cut short to maintain water flow in the source it diverts from. I have about 3 dozen sprinklers on 2 acres and a couple years ago I bought one of those Intex easy up swimming pools yhat holds about 3,000 gallons and a Honda high pressure water pump and some wildland small diameter fire hose and I can tie it into my existing irrigation system including sprinklers on the roofs etc. I also bought some fire proofing gel…



@TriggerHappy an all to common story in the Pacific Northwest these days I am afraid. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


How true all that is.

The fire fighters also mirror the flagger heritage that still continues today. Flaggers, especially in the early days of building our highway and then interstate system, were made up of felons and parolees. They were summarily deemed garbage by everyone, and hated outright by the entire “better folk” population. They were harrassed, spit on, had rocks and bottles thrown at them from passing cars.They were also the only ones rough enough, tough enough, and willing to do the job. And they did it proudly and in fine fashion, with all due concern and diligence, in spite of the malicious contempt from every single person they encountered. They had a common, life and death responsibility, to all around them not just themselves. They, like fire crews, form a unique bond that suspends or transcends who they are or what they may have done.

I have spent my share of road hours of traffic control, flagging, pilot car, work zone sign and lane maintenance, with all in between to confirm it’s not the pamzy-whamzy, holding a stop/slow paddle for big money job most think it is. I have worked with the same parolees and felons, and most I wouldn’t leave alone with kids, free to hang out in my house, or let them drive my car to the store, but they had my complete trust in regard to my life and the job we were doing.


@jeffing65 just goes to show that you “judge the man” it is a creed I was raised on. :+1:


@Johnksg [quote=“Johnksg, post:214, topic:3193”]
just goes to show that you “judge the man” it is a creed I was raised on. :+1:

Yes, absolutely.


Self reliance, I’m the one friends usually call when things brake, or fail.


I wouldn’t call us preppers, just that my wife and I both grew up country were loss of power or a frozen well were common occurrence. We keep the following basics:

90 days of fuel (propane & gas)
6 months of firewood
90 days of bottled water
6 months of food in pantry
2 generators
Two bucket toilets
Oil lanterns, LED lanterns, Flashlights.

This is just a short list…but basically we are looking to keep enough on hand to get the entire family through for 90 days while we assess the situation and make a long term plan.

And of course I still own the small farm about 30 miles from here in the mountains!:grin:


@jeffing65 @Johnksg Well Said ’ :+1:


@jeffing65 @Johnksg @TriggerHappy I’m Going back 55 Years here’ When Working Hard,was The Way of Life’ @15 Bucking Hay in Eastern Washington, Mucking Stalls, Head Wrangler of 17 Head of Horses for a Ranch in Bothell Wash. Working Green Chain at a Shake Mill in Friday Harbor,@ 5’2’’ And at a Buck and 35 pounds’ Now that’s Funny! But we did her, My Father Logged in the 30’s My Brother fought fires out of North Bend in the Early 60’s Before we Left for Nam.
I Truly Miss Washington and it’s Real People, and Jobs and Industry Before the Down Fall of the Spotted Owl and Microsoft ETC ETC . And The People in Olympia with Power’ Had a Set Of B&&&'S


@DivaMarie i don,t know about you thundercap i work quite hard these days even with all the modern equipment :grinning:


@DivaMarie you know it man. My dad used to say “a hard workin’ man will always find a hard job to do” But it really is true (dammit) - I took on a paper route when I was 11 and got a work permit to take a restaurant job when I was 14 that I rode my bicycle to and when I got a drivers license went to work in the orchards in the summers. I was born here in eastern Washington 56 years ago and it is really sad to see what is happening - 3 liberal counties on the west side dictate the whole state and the really cool little valley where I live that used to be mostly ranchers and loggers is turning into a suburb of Seattle. A lot of transplants and second home’rs who want to tell us hicks how the world works. Wauconda is lookin better all the time lol (only @DivaMarie will get that reference lol)