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Self Reliance In A Modern Age


Thanks or the Reply’ :+1: Yes it was a real (Bit**) When they Let the Marine Operator Get 86’d It was a Nice Relay System to Call Home or Whatever When Your Ass is Hanging @ Anchor Somewhere Waiting for the (8&6 ft Sea’s) and 40 knot Winds to lay the (H*LL down!) And to Assure the Old Wives! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: So they Don’t call the Coast Guard to Do a Meet and Greet !! Before Your first cup of Coffee in the AM ! With a Hang Over!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (Due to Their Silly Way of Worrying !)
And Yes it is the FM/GMRS Band.
I Gave The Gov Their $50.00 for A VHF Usage Permit ! WAP 8495 Then they decided We all didn’t have to Have One!. A week after I got mine! No they didn’t give Me a Refund’:rofl:


@DivaMarie Well that’s mighty fine of them isn’t it? Is there a relay/repeater system for the fm/gmrs there or are they just used as is?
I used to talk skip on 38lsb with a station in Glennallen, AK on occasion
. I’m looking at google map. Not sure where you are exactly.


@jeffing65 As Far as Location’ Look for the (5) Cruise Ships @ the Piers Down Town and all the Lookie Lou’s @ the T Shirt Shops! and Diamonds Are Us !:rofl: Oh That’s Right they Have all Left for the Season.! Juneau The Capitol.
There is The Fed Building Down Town with a Big Antenna, :thinking: I Feel Stupid Now.
As Far as a Radio? Ideas, Thanks again for the Help.


I have been thinking of putting in a rainwater collection system. Seems like I can pull off of the gutters and run the toilets and have water for the wife’s garden pretty easily.

Has anyone done something similar?


@DivaMarie As for radios, the sky is the limit, along with cost. I’m talking with Radio Tech buddy now about some other equip. Going to run it by him.


@Johnksg check your local laws the government doesn’t like people being self sustainable. You know?, They technically own the rain


@Flogrown really? I hope your joking right? I was just gonna run 4-5 100gallon barrels of a gravity system for the house and garden. :astonished:


@Johnksg I’m serious as a heart attack brother. There are places that restrict the amount of water you collect. Don’t get me started we’ll be here all night


Didn’t read through it but hopefully you’re good


@Johnksg I have always suggested that idea in the past and have never gotten the enthusiastic reaction I would expect.
I think it’s an A+ idea. The benefits are many. It reduces power consumption and wear on well pumps etc. and a reserve in case of no power for well pumps or drought conditions.
If done right it can place a storage barrel or ? in multiple accessible positions around a structure or property for irrigation and most importantly fire suppression.
Just some of the uses I can think of off hand. Toilets/bathtub/washing machine, lawn/gardens/trees, cooking/drinking water (human/animals), washing dogs/boots/cars/eguip., dust abatement, fire suppression.



Yeah!! That’s no s#*t!! Some places have ordinances prohibiting water collection.


@jeffing65 @Flogrown well I hope the central Oregon coast isn’t one of them!

Kinda used to living in the rural unincorporated areas, never even occurred to me to ask for permission!


@Johnksg Shouldn’t have to do that in my opinion


Kinda reminds me of an invention my dad had to drop a submersible pump into a swimming pool to run roof mounted sprinklers in Southern California for fire suppression.

State shut him down right quick because chlorine would kill the vegetation?!

Just think about that for a moment…let it fully sink in…


I have heard of a way,:partying_face: but brother you will have to call me to get the details…


@GOBLIN are you talkin to me? :confused:


yep dang it forgot the @Johnksg CRS kickin in


@GOBLIN oh I have it pretty well worked out in my head. Used to run two wells and a 5,000 gallon water tank on my farm. Have done plumbing work on house renovations. Gonna go with a gravity system and cleanouts.

It just never occured to me that now that I live in town I may have to ask for permission to use the rainwater running down my gutters!!!


This is what California is dealing with and they were worried about chlorine killing the grass?!


@Johnksg Ya and that’s just the fire department imagine the genious ideas being spread around the capital building