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Self Reliance In A Modern Age

Are you the type of person “who calls for help” or are you the type who reaches for the right tool for the job and helps yourself?

what skills, tools and equipment, preparations, and knowledge do you possess to deal with an emergency?


i always carry bog roll :joy::joy:


@hunter1916 what the heck is that?!


I have a little bug out/survival kit on my kayak trailer, it has all the essentials, cutting tools, hatchet, cordage, containers, mylar blanket, flares, and the all important metal match for starting fires. Of course it being a kayak trailer all my angling gear as well. It is also important to have knowledge of your area as far as what is edible and what isnt. My survival knife has the compass but don’t really think I would need that. I know how to use the sun and the moss/fungus that grows on the trees in my region.


Often when chatting on other threads with @jeffing65 and @godallmighty I have bemoaned the loss of skill in our society brought about by cell phones.

If something breaks I reach into my old truck for a tool to “unbreak it”. Now a days folks just call for help.

SAR is kept busy dealing with life-threatening emergencies that should never have been more than an inconvenience!


I was lucky enough to have a dad that started teaching me skills at a young age. There isn’t enough of that these days


Toilet paper a luxury but not a necessity lol


@Flogrown each of my kids has an emergency pack that they keep in a vehicle. Even my 7year old has a scaled down version!

Cell phones don’t always work!

Can’t even tell you the number of times I have needed a chainsaw or shovel to get out of a jam!


@Johnksg No doubt, I always tell people I was meant to be born pre electricity. I wish the world was as simple now.


@Johnksg great question! and topic. I have a great story I will post after I eat breakfast.
I will give you my #1 and #2 for dealing with all emergencys.
best tool is my mind and the knowledge it contains, and best skill is how to properly use it.

It can change conditions and apply effect in any situation.


@Flogrown before I retired from volunteering with SVT I participated in quite a few searches for missing hikers, stranded motorists, etc.

Almost every case was the same: a minor issue turned into an emergency because no cellphone signal!


@jeffing65 well said you could have all the tools in the world to get you out of a jam but they are worthless if you don’t know to use or apply them


@jeffing65 and I were talking about how we have had to uses winches, chains, etc to get out of jams.

Like him I keep an old come along handy in case the electric winch fails or I need an additional “pull” to keep my vehicle from falling off the side of a mountain!

But the number 1 " tool" I make every family member, especially the women, carry is a good set of boots and warm socks!


blind and complete faith in something that is out of your control and very tenuous at best. makes no sense.
I have always had cb/ham radios that can transmit 100 watts +. Given that I can continue to produce/supply power to transmit, I can eventually CQ with another station somewhere on the planet.


@jeffing65 a UHF radio was a requirement for SVT if we could grab a repeater we could communicate and coordinate where cell phones failed!

But mostly we needed the basic skills to solve our own problems so the “rescuers didn’t need rescuing”!


Absolutely. Good point. Lack of those 2 things can completely derail nearly anything and everything.

Be back after :pancakes::bacon:


Firearms, blades, nav, comms, first aid, ability to create fire, shelter, etc. :+1:


A mixture of both. I try to fix stuff myself sometimes and YouTube can be a great help for DIY but I’ll call too if needed.


I think I already told the stories on another thread of the the lady who got her hand trapped under the hood of her truck one winter, and the father and son hunters who found themselves in an emergency due to blisters (we still have not found the remains of the father to this day!)

In both cases it was an issue that could have easily been remedied, been nothing but a minor inconvenience, but there is a lack of basic knowledge and skills that were once commonplace in the “old days.”


@Johnksg I missed it. Can you tell them again?