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Secret Storage Places

If you live in an older home with a non- functioning intercom system (I do) then you have available to you a number of convenient places to stash a firearm for quick retrieval. It just takes a little work. I have stared for years with annoyance at the non-functioning intercom panel in my bedroom and debated whether it was worth the effort to remove it and patch the hole. Since I detest drywall work and dislike moving furniture and painting almost as much, I lived with it for years. Finally, the solution below dawned on me.

I simply removed the guts of the intercom and built a box to replace it in the wall cavity. Since the face frame of the intercom panel was steel, I used two strong but inexpensive craft magnets as a latching mechanism to hold the intercom faceplate in place If your faceplate is plastic or you do not want to sacrifice that much interior space, you can drive drywall screws into the wall where the previous screws were, glue small rare earth magnets to the back of the screw holes on the faceplate to match and glue cutoff screw heads on the front to complete the appearance. I used a piece of black craft foam to “black out” the grill.

Bolts replaced the rheostats, etc. and provided anchor points for the two knobs on the front. I used a rotary tool to flatten one side of each bolt end so the set screws in the knobs would hold firmly. The screws that previously held everything to the wall were replaced with four short machine screws epoxied into place. These give the right cosmetic appearance and guide the faceplate into the proper position on the wall each time it is returned to cover the cavity as they slide into the pre-existing screw holes in the wall.

I know not everyone will want to share their secret storage places and ideas. After all, the value of a secret hiding place is in its secrecy. The truth is that I do not use this one for firearms because I have a young grandson and it does not lock. If I get around to equipping it with a proximity or similar lock, I may use it for that purpose. An electrical line runs through the wall in that area so I could easily power such a lock. For now, though, it is used only to temporarily stash minor valuables and other items I wish to keep away from prying eyes. I demand more security than this for items of real value or need.

So what secrets are you keeping?

Possible next project: I recently read about this one and am seriously considering it as an alternative to a traditional gun safe for my long guns. Take a worn out water heater and use it as the basis for a gun safe, including dummy pipes running into the wall or the floor above.


I have a similar thing. My house had an old security system that didn’t work anymore so I took the wiring out of the wall panel. It is too small to hold a gun but it could hold cash or small valuables. Right now it’s empty but ready to go!


@Jimmy Can you say Ammo Cache? :grinning:

You’ll be ready to reload on the run.


@JoeFridaySays, I might be able to fit a speed loader for my revolver, it’s not very big!


I have one in each toilet tank. Bought several Shields for $250.


@PatrickR Good idea. Few thieves would ever look there and you could shoot through the bag if time was critical.
Michael Corleone: “I have to go to the bathroom. Is that all right?”


Pretty much. Figure I’ll never “be caught with my pants down” :rofl:


use these type bags for immersion. ive never had one leak or even condensate inside.
check out the clear stopper dry bag. www.seatosummitusa.com
click on water, the click on dry bags


They’re actually vacuum sealed now. No leaks, or anything and they’ve been in there for a year or so.


@JoeFridaySays i like your ideas brain very practical :+1::ok_hand:


I have put a magnet on the inside wall above the door in the closet. You cannot see it at all unless you stick your head fully inside the linen closet and look up. Very quick and easy to open the door and reach your hand up and pull off the wall magnet. Main floor bathroom closet and upstairs hallway closet.
I have been considering a stash spot in the kitchen also. I have crown molding on the top of the kitchen cabinets I can reach over (6’5" tall guy here…) or putting a magnet on the back side of the refrigerator against the wall. Not visible from any angle. You would have to know it is there to reach back and grab it blindly. Only thing I am afraid it could accidentally drop out of my hand to the floor behind the frig trying to retrieve. Also concerned about dust bunnies gunking up the works back there. I would have to be diligent to clean a couple times a year or put a thin sandwich baggie over it before sticking on the behind the frig magnet. What do you guys think?


@Gatekeeper I like the idea of placing a magnet above the door in a closet wall. Not so much with the refrigerator though.


@Gatekeeper I recently read about and really like the over the closet door idea. Unless a thief/intruder has done his internet research he is unlikely to look straight up while ransacking a closet and see the firearm there.

My only concern is the presence of children who are known to thoroughly pry and ransack whenever their parents are gone, especially as birthdays and other times for receiving gifts approach. (I know I did and never got caught).

I suppose one could fairly easily build and mount a slim box, equip it with a proximity card or biometric lock and mount it above the door, Alternatively you could buy a ready-made vehicle gun safe with similar locks (or the recessed buttons to reach in and quickly press a code) and mount it. In either case, I would remove the existing foam and replace it with Kaizen foam cut to fit the firearm snugly and add a Velcro or other similar quickly released retaining strap to be sure the firearm did not fall out when the box door was opened.

I second (third?) your and Donald’s concerns about behind the refrigerator. In addition to the things you mentioned, you have to be careful not to impede circulation or the refrigerator compressor can overheat or at least run inefficiently. That is why we are supposed to periodically clean those fins and coils even though we never do. :rofl:


You could consider putting it in a Ziploc bag that will keep away dust but still manage to get your finger on trigger if need be,


Just watch the type of magnet you use. depending on the iron content of the magnet, can accelerate rust circles…:+1:


@JoeFridaySays Sorry, I did not mention on the piece on the magnet on the wall in the closet above the door. I have a Zore gun lock upon it. Takes 1.5 seconds to be ready and able. Zore lock is one of the best investments I have ever made. Best pistol lock hands down.


Thanks for sharing the video. That looks like impressive technology. I may have to look into it.

Shoutout to Forum - Who else uses this lock and what do you think of it?


first ive ever heard of em Joe, but im looking into them as well be excellent (the watchdog) on my truck guns…


@GOBLIN It apparently fails locked if battery dies or there is an electrical failure-and there is no quick over ride. If true that worries me. Even with persistent low battery warnings I think it should probably fail unlocked despite the risk to children.
Darn lawyers probably won’t let them do that. :smirk:


@JoeFridaySays I have 2 of them for 3 almost years now. One gets used almost daily. No low battery notification yet. You will get an orange LED when there are about 400 lock/unlock cycles left (so about a year of use with orange LED warning). Then when there are less then 100 lock/unlock cycles left the LED will turn red. It will let you unlock but not lock until you change the battery. So if it is locked and red, you can still unlock and remove it from your pistol just not put it back on until a fresh battery is in it.
You would have to put the lock on the pistol and never touch or look at it for about 4 years for the battery to die while still locked on the gun. Then you can still change the battery and take it off. The idea is that a kid or teen can’t take the battery out and have access to the gun. Only way it to unlock it to know the combination. :+1: