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Secondary/backup EDC choice

My EDC is a Walther PPS with a 7 round magazine. While a little light on round count it is a great size for EDC. The PPS was caught up in Walther’s recall late last year. They had it back within 1.5 weeks but this left me with no small EDC option.

Since then I’ve been thinking about a second EDC. Not to carry as a back-up gun but to have in case the PPS is down for the count again. My thoughts go between getting a second PPS so I can just use my current holster collection and familiarity or go with one of the other choices like a Sig 365 or Springeld Hellcat.

Sometimes having a lot of choices is a bad thing!

What are the Brotherhood’s thoughts on this?

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Personally, I would use what you’re used to unless of course, you’re itching to change things up a bit.

Full disclosure…even when I’m carrying my CZ75 PCR OWB, I keep a back up Ruger LCP in my pocket. I always have the LCP on me but not always my CZ. If I walked into work with an OWB, I’d be summarily shown the same door I just walked through, never to return…what I have in my pocket is none of their damned business. Concealed means concealed…


In my book, ABSOLUTELY!


Don’t carry a backup EDC. Do have backup with my S2K in a simple civilian looking backpack. My EDC is either my CZ SP-01 Phantom (winter time) or CZ P07 (summer time). Both conceal nicely. My Calco leather holster snugs the Phantom in close with no printing (although I have to hitch up my pants periodically). :grin:

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