M*CARBO Brotherhood

Second range being set up (2 gun)

Set up the pistol steel on the second range today. Below are some pics and descriptions. This is set up as a Run and Gun range. This is not a square range by any means. The overall shape is dictated by hills. There is a large U shaped hill that acts as the backstop along the entire course. The hill is a minimum of 20 feet above where you’d shoot from to about 100 feet above. There is a island of trees that goes up the middle of the bowl you’re in that is about 50 or 60 yards wide. The north end of the bowl is open only and that’s where you start/finish, just on opposite sides of that island of trees.

This is the first set you’ll run across at about 75 yards in. This pic is from about 35 yards back and you might have to zoom in to see the yellow painted 8" hex targets. There are four placed about 13 or 14 yards apart from each other. I did this so you’d have to move between each one.

Next you’d run about 20 more yards and have a rifle section of three targets. The hangers aren’t here yet so I didn’t drive in the posts today. Then you’d run another 30 yards to engage another four rifle targets, again not set up yet. Now pick yourself up, run 100 yards and shoot three pistol here (pic is back about 25 yards, targets are painted blue)…

You’ve now ran all the way down one side and need to start back along the other side of the tree island. in about 90 yards you’ll start with pistol targets again. These are spaced 2, then 1, then 2 again for 5 in total. Here is the first set…

Second set about 50 yards further (or so)…

Third set, again about 50 yards or so along…

Then to finish it off you’ll need to go to the end of the tree island, turn around and shoot one last gong from about 300 (that T post was driven in today but no hanger yet, maybe by Tuesday). Walk back to the truck and you’re done. Just a little shy of half a mile overall.

VTAC barricades can and will be employed at the two main rifle stations. They will need to be brought out each time as the elements will ruin them if I leave them out all year round. A path will be mowed out with shooting stations clearly defined once things start growing. Also there will be one more rifle target to set up, I just don’t know where along the course yet. Maybe after the second set of pistol steel.

I have an idea about how to mix things up with the VTAC’s that I’ll get into later once I have it firmly figured out. Suffice it to say the plan is to use dice beforehand to randomize the number of shooting slots and number of shots per target. Also use the same system for pistol stations, randomizing number of hits needed per target. You could end up needing six hits per target to move on or maybe just one if you’re lucky.


Love the homemade ranges. Have you looked nto the NRA guides on range developement?



I had not looked into that. After you mentioned it I did a little digging. What the NRA has to offer really doesn’t fit in with what I’m after but thanks.

Got the rest of the rifle targets up today with the help of a friend. Mentioned to several gun guys I know that I was going to be setting things up and got a nice variety of excuses from all but one. Funny coincidence, the guy who helped me today is really the only one who shoots with any regularity and is actively working to get better. Most all others I know just buy more guns and gear but rarely use it and never seem to use it hard. Oh well, we had a great time that others missed out on.

Loop is like half a mile. My wife, my friend who came to help and his brother who he dragged along all ran the course at least twice. My friend and I did it again as a team at the end. Half a mile with rifle, pistol, assorted gear and hills is a nice workout. My friend wore his plate carrier with front , back and side plates for his runs. I chose not to suffer quite that much.

After we were all done there we went to range #1 and did a little three gun followed by some pistol work. A nice day.

Now comes the part where I get to fill all kinds of mags and try to get this mess of gear under control and ready to roll out again. Maybe tomorrow, as long as it doesn’t snow!


Must be so nice to have your own shooting range! Great job