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Second Amendment Threats

One would hope and expect that the recent violence and looting – and the panic buying of firearms and ammunition that resulted – will effectively preclude any major U.S. firearm control legislation for the next several years. Nevertheless, members need to be aware of legislation stealthily making its way through Congress hidden by the pandemic and other recent events.

HR 5717 was introduced in January and a largely identical bill also has been introduced in the Senate. Key provisions of the proposed legislation (in no particular order) include:

Effectively renews the previously expired Assault Weapons Ban and prohibits possession of such firearms or magazines having a capacity exceeding 10 rounds. Grandfathers some existing ownership.

Limits firearm purchases to one in every 30 days.

Sales of firearms shall be subject to an excise tax of 30% and ammunition sales will be taxed at 50%.

Requires a Federal Firearms License to possess or own any firearm or ammunition.

Must be issued or denied within 40 days of application.

Must be 21 years old to obtain a license.

License is valid for ten (10) years.

Issuance is subject primarily to the existing restrictions requiring background checks, etc.

Time for existing background checks is extended from 3 to 7 days and reporting of denials is required.

License may be suspended or revoked by showing only that:

“reliable, articulable, and credible information that the individual has exhibited or engaged in behavior to suggest the individual could potentially create a risk to public safety”

Specifically bans untraceable or ghost guns.

Further restricts the sale and ownership of suppressors.

Sales by individuals may be made only to or through an FFL.

Owners must provide secure storage and locking devices as specified in the act. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of the firearm.

Provides for “extreme risk protection orders” that will allow ex parte seizure of firearms.

The full text of HR 5717 can be found at:

I realize the Forum is meant to be non-political and Administrators will remove this post if not appropriate. I believe, however, that it is important for members to know about this most recent attempt to limit their rights.


I would bet Pelosi had a hand in writing those proposals.


Okay… I’ll test the waters for my first time…


The Nazis had a phrase which covered all abuses by the State: Fur Ihre Sicherheit, " It’s For Your Safety"


@TexasEskimo yeah he shot them first then used his free speech to tell them to get the fxxk out :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :joy:


Nazis or Bolsheviks? Basically the same entity in reality right? I hope you all realize that our country is showing some deep signs of massive subversion, if you haven’t noticed yet. The future isn’t looking bright for much of the world anywhere actually. You might want to start believing the things people call conspiracy theories as they really aren’t theories anymore. I don’t want to post a huge rant, just start looking into things. If you are new to this type of research, investigate the Murder of George Floyd. Huge Masonic play acting to incite lockdowns/race wars/civil war. But before you do that, enjoy this video.

Oh yea, alt-market is a good site to start for lightweights that are still clueless.



WARNING!!! Do not try this in Ireland!


@TexasEskimo we already did ,we shot them brits and told them to get out and now there is no brit slodiers in ireland any more although were still fighting for the six counties


Festus, what else would she have used all those pens she saved from signing the impeachment for,


Won’t the scary long black guns be more acceptable if we put them behind our backs and talked about saving The Constitution? It is evident that it is un-enforceable without the 2nd Amendment.


@HideousSunDemon Welcome aboard. It appears the Constitution means little to certain folks, let alone the 2nd Amendment. Twenty four words, crystal clear in the meaning yet they seek to not read the truth. Shall not be infringed means just that.



Last one… promise… (Kinda promise)…


I live in a very “Red” state… but the vast majority of my “Blue” friends are huge 2A supporters. This is not about politics.
Just sayin’.


Texas is very RED, but some of the larger cities have more of a purple tinge. I live in San Antonio and will stand up for the Alamo though there have been attempts to tag it and worse. When our City Council recently banned “Chinese Virus” as hate speech, I wrote to my city councilman, Manny Pelaeze about bowing to CCP pressure. I haven’t heard back. Act locally to keep us RED.


We have to appeal to a wider audience. Look at all the new gun owners. Let’s present a wider front. Perhaps another part of the Constitution will be easier to start the dialog from. A good salesman will get a customer to start saying yes. “Do you support freedom of religion”, “Do you support free speech”“Do you believe in the right to earn a living”? Then show that some of the things have been curtailed or restricted by tyrants that have forgotten that we elected them. Remind them that the 2nd Amendment needs to be “un-infringed” so that the tyrants back off their power grabs. Strength to threats.


@HideousSunDemon welcome to the forum richard just enjoy it


@HideousSunDemon Those are excellent points but I find they hold little sway in arguments regarding gun control which is driven largely by emotion. Moreover, when people say they believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion, they often really mean they believe in THEIR freedom. Say something with which they disagree and it is labeled racist or hate speech that should be banned. Build a mosque in the neighborhood and listen to the shrieks of outrage.

Having had many discussions with logical and intelligent people, the reality is that they are driven by fear, ignorance and blind acceptance of the media narrative. As a result, facts and data simply do not matter. They are more than willing to sacrifice their freedoms – and yours – for the illusion of safety provided by gun regulation that will have little to no effect in actually curbing gun violence.

Still your points are valid and time-tested by sales experts. If they help propel the debate we should at least try them.

Welcome to the Forum


Thank you for the welcome.

I guess I feel we should keep talking. At least until we see the black helicopters.


@HideousSunDemon Welcome to the Brotherhood and Enjoy’