Sear won't go down enough to release striker

Just installed mcarbo kit for flat trigger and spring kit, too.
After reassembly, the striker/slide function fine on both my 365XL and 365XMACRO. No problems there seemingly.
After reassembly, neither working slide/striker will work on the mcarbo equipped 365XMacro.

Best as I can tell, the mcarbo equipped 365 sear is not lowering enough to release the striker to move forward. The trigger just goes back and forth, but without any striker release. Measuring the sear depression downwards, I see it’s a 1-2mm higher at full trigger press than my working 365 FCU/sear.
Could some assembly mistake allowed the trigger bar to not pull the sear down enough?

Any ideas?


Fixed it, couple of comments:

  1. following the included instructions, for the overtravel screw that should show two threads after threading in with loctite. On my XMacro, this absolutely stopped the trigger from rotating the trigger bar enough to lower the sear enough to let the strike spring forward. Once I let out the set screw to basically flush, the Xmacro functioned nominally (need to get to the range first before I am really sure).
    Then I threaded it back in a bit until the striker was stuggling to break free from the lowered sear, then backed out another half turn, just my preferences. The overtravel set screw is a good and useful idea, but for my XMacro the TWO visible threads instruction was not correct.
  2. the trigger pin opening is not perfectly drilled out. The hole on one side was not circular, there was the tinest bit of material still there, and so a 1/16" rod would not go in there to push the trigger pin out. I was able to use the overtravel set screw allen wrench however, which did get past the partially closed up hole.

Otherwise the feel is good, I just need to get to the range and see what live ammo is like.