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I would really love to see all photos and topics about large Scopes and red dots mounted to the mcarbo flip mount. I would love to see how well large Scopes or red dots fit on the mount


@Turmeric is the only guy I recall posting about magnified optics on his Sub. The little magnifier in the too right of the screen can help you initiate a search.

When I used the MCARBO Optic Mount, I favored the smallest optics possible. I still run pistol optics on ny subs.


In general, an optic that needs rings is probably not going to work well. Even a cantilever ring (where the rings are conjoined) might be too big. I’d stick with red dots. There are a ton of choices. My advice is don’t go cheap, but don’t buy something really high end.

  • Sig’s Romeo 5 is a great choice.
  • My recent favorite for the S2k is the 2 MOA Vortex Crossfire.
  • The least expensive I tried was the Bushnell TRS26. Worked fine. I’ve since moved that to another gun

Thx i will check out that search option


Ok after doing a search many of my questions were answered I still would love to see pics of everyone’s Scopes and Optics


Here are the last pics mine posed fer:

My sub 2k wears a different buttstock, but I was playing with the Missouri Tactical pad 'round the time I built out that Sub 357.

Optics are a Holosun 507C on the 2k and a HolosAn on the 357. I love the chinese ripoff of a chinese optic (no one if safe from their theiving).


Those are really nice, that but stock looks actually pretty comfortable, i like getting the bottom of my but pad up hi on my shoulder , i almost have to force myself not to. Ot just feels more natural. And that but stock seems like it would solve all that…its the first time I have seen a set up like that sweet!!!


The FDE is Glock 9mm, OD green is Glock .40


Man i have to say those are really really nice i think the green a d black set up like that is so smooth !! And those slings are really nice :ok_hand: my fav so far !!!


The FDE is fully upgraded with the MCarbo full Monte internal kit. The OD green one is a recent trade-in for a beat up gen 1. I have the parts for MCarbonization, but so far have only installed the optics mount and rear sight on that one.

Vortex Crossfire RDS on the OD green, Bushnell on the FDE. I have a policy about optics. If your sight cost more than the rifle, you bought the wrong rifle. :slight_smile: Midrange (but not cheap Amazon airsoft crap) optics are more than adequate for a carbine in the class of the Sub 2000. It’s not a precision rifle - so high end optics is big waste of money.


Well said brother ! I went Romeo 5 $118 love it, and more than accurate very impressed with the accuracy iron and red dot…i agree with you…but i would like to shoot with a zoom optic a few times out just to enjoy some long range with the sub…i alway like to see how far i can push the envolope !!

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Anything with a tube might be a challenge mounting-wise. Eye relief as well.

Good choice on the Romeo 5. My experience with Sig red dots has been very good. I also have a couple of BDX scopes and use them with the Kilo rangefinder. Takes all the guesswork and n umber crunching out of long range shooting. It feels like cheating - but I did it the old fashioned way for a long time.