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Scope zeroed, now moved 2 inches towards the rear

After zeroing a scope I realize I’m more comfortable with the scope 2" towards the rear. The scope resides in a American Defense Mount scope base with integrated rings and mounted to the picatinny rail via QD autolock levers.

I plan to hit the range in the next week to recheck zero.
I think it should still be close, theoretically anyways - I did not loosen the scope out of the scope base and moved the entire assembly back 2". My rail is straight so should be interesting to see where the POI/POA is now.

I moved the optics back 2" because, after several range outings with a new rifle/scope I realize I was stretching a bit to get into the middle of the eye relief range my scope has. This adjustment makes me a lot more comfy behind the gun and should translate to better groups down the road.

Anyone else bump into this this? Had to move the scope setup in the interest of comfort?

Anyone else had to make adjustments - glass position, etc…?



Al, I have been ‘challenging’ myself lately because of my eye sighting comfort… I had just ‘switched’ to full time bifocals and the changes between optics. I enjoy a ‘lighwit-weight’ firearm using red dot set-ups, but I have developed a BAD habit of closing my weak eye when attempting to ‘sight in’ my target, even with a co-witness set in place!


eye relief should be about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches on a scope, depending on magnification position… dont get to close , ya can end up with “scope eye” or a “Bushveld Tattoo”

done it myself before setting up a new hunting rifle…



Ouch, Buck!!!


that wasnt me, mine was just a shiner of a black eye on a scope i got to close on, 1" on a Ruger #1 300 winmag.
lot of people see the old military scopes with the rubber eye cup, and think you set a hard ring scope to the same distance. you dont. even a .22 will bite you if ya get too close…


@GOBLIN Buck as You and I know !!Ya Creep Up “Very Very Carefully” on your 375 H&H Magnum! :anguished: And Hope you Got it Right!! Of Course Never Had A lot of People Raising Their Arms at the Range Going “Can I Shoot it Can I Shoot it” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
The Old Ouch and Ouch Factor’