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Scope, Pistol or New AR?

Saving my nickels and dimes for a while now, the plan was a new scope for the Ruger Mini 14. It has a good, not great scope, but it gets the job done, holds zero and is clear as a bell. It doesn’t really need a new scope but…

Now, I have the desire to get a Beretta M9. Don’t really need one but… I just think an M9 would be a good fit, the pistol that (finally) replaced the M1911A1, a real piece of history.

Just got an email, Del Tron AR kit with a 20" Govt. profile barrel, A2 furniture. On sale now. Just what I need right now, what with a bill on the books to require all precursor parts going thru an FFL that will most likely be passed and a good price opportunity for an A1ish build. A fella could pull his hair out. Any guidance from the collective wisdom of the brotherhood would be most welcome!:hourglass_flowing_sand:

What to do? Stick with the plan or get the M9? Or build that A1ish I been thinking about?


Yea. Sounds like you’re in a genuine bind Brother. :man_shrugging:t2:


Really depends on what guns you have and what you’ll use them for?

If that scope is working well I wouldn’t replace it. The Mini 14 isn’t a “precision” platform as I understand it.

Do you have an AR? If not, get the AR–though a 20" barrel is not the first length I’d go with personally (I’m looking at one but it’ll be my 3rd or 4th and for a retro/wood build).

The M9 is probably a good all around purchase; I don’t have any experience with them but they’re beloved. If you shoot pistol a lot it’s a decent choice.


If the scope does the job you want it to do, scratch buying a scope. More guns is always a good thing. You just have to decide which one will fill the void in you gun safe the best.


All 3 are you kidding.Life is short.


Why go broke and have to decide what guns to sell. You can only use one at a time because if it becomes a gun fight, YOU are the only one that has your own A$$??? :+1:


I’m leaning towards the build, won’t be long before that’s no longer an option. Won’t be my first.


One thing I’ve learned is it’s always wise to talk things over with the wife before acting, especially if money is involved. We decided it best to go for the build at this time.


I’m giving you lots of kudos brother that you can discuss those things with the wife with me it’s more like if it got into the safe we’re good to go and yeah she really does know that there’s more in there than the last time she peeked in…


Thanks! It most always pays for me. Like this time, we split the cost for my AR build rather than all from my allowance. Parts are to start trickling in today.


Im usually influenced by deal/ unit/time frame., first, depending on the area you at,
what is the most likely to be banned by that state, .
that usually slides it in slot number 1.
Optics usually slide in slot #4 unless its a deal ya just cant pass up like a half price ACOG or ZEISS then they bump a firearm out of the way
Like my last conundrum, I was saving for a Bondarms 44mag. in that time frame, i happened across a deal on a FN Five seveN and ammo I couldnt pass up (pistol new in box, 7500 rounds FN ammo)
now, functionally wise, its not a calibre i had, Im not set up for the firearm, BUT what was there, the pros outweighed the cons. the money i set aside for the Bond arms 44 paid for a holster and reloading die set.
I swapped off work for the firearm. going back in oct for the next swap., the rest of the set(PS-90)
opportunity/availability (future) /pricing always sets my purchasing.
now im back to saving for the bond, buying the last lil pieces for the current AR FRANKENSTEIN, and refitting the Gen 2 SUB i picked up used with Mcarbo like i did the gen 1.
its always a vicious circle aint it brother?:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Amen! Bumping this build to the #1 slot, pieces already trickling in. Going for an AR15A1.5ish.