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SCCY pistols and problems

I have a SCCY 9 mm that in not a carry gun, ordered a spring KIT from Mcarbo, waiting on the kit to arrive. Has anyone had problems with light strikes causing failure to fire ?

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I did today but I also had Galloway short stroke hammer and flat adjustable trigger.

I just finished putting OEM trigger and hammer back in.

I dont think it will be an issue.
The trigger and hammer operation feel much more positive.

I wont be able to get back out to range for 10 days. Ugh!!!


No issues with light primer strikes. Did install the M*Carbo trigger spring kit. The trigger is much better with the kit. Note: when you have the trigger assembly / Chassis out, it would be a good time to clean while you have out and apart.

Finally got a chance to test the spring kit with OEM trigger and hammer. Super happy no light primer strikes. Gun shoots like a dream. Very reliable.

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I’ve got both the Galloway short stroke trigger+hammer and the MCARBO spring kit. I’ve only got about 50 rounds through it since I did the “upgrade” but my initial impression is that the Galloway hammer isn’t giving me much improvement - the reset /may/ me a little shorter and it’s more defined, but it’s still a really long pull. The flat trigger reduces the distance to the front of the trigger guard, making even a thin tactical glove difficult.
The spring kit is an improvement in overall trigger pull weight, from 8-9lb to about 5lb.
I’ve had no problems with light primer strikes.