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SCCY MCARBO + Galloway trigger kits : don't do it

A cautionary tale : In an attempt to improve the trigger of my CPx-2 as much as possible, I installed both the MCARBO kit to reduce trigger pull weight and the Galloway short stroke hammer/spring kit. To retain the trigger weight advantage of the MCARBO kit, I used the lighter hammer spring with the Galloway hammer. The result wasn’t what I’d expected - the profile of the loop on the MCARBO spring didn’t tuck into the Galloway hammer completely causing interference with the frame. This made the spring drag, increasing the trigger pull weight and making the pull inconsistent as it dragged and then popped free of the frame.
The Galloway flat trigger sits farther forward and reduces the space between the trigger face and the front of the trigger guard. This makes a difficult fit with any kind of glove on.


Yep just use Mcarbo kit. Th stock trigger will feel better with the spring kit


Bought a Cpx 2 last week and after shooting several boxes my trigger finger was worn out! Read an online Utube that said the hammer spring could be stretched a bit, not more than 2". I did that and didn’t think I over stretched it. Dry firing felt absolutely wonderful…until I tried live firing; about every other round required a couple trigger pulls!

I’m waiting for my Mcarbo kit. Just hope I don’t have the problem that some guys had getting the pins out.

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I hope you font pin removal issues.

I have had to bang those things out each time. Then they are lose. I have resorted to using a small cap of black ATV sealant o keep them from walking.

Galloway no longer sells the sccy trigger.
Yes their were issues.

I have resorted to the hammer spring stretch. I do it in incremental steps. It is still a bit stiff on last stage of trigger pull.

The trigger reset becomes a bit mushy.

I have also trimmed the inside of trigger gaurd to avoid rubbing of my trigger finger

Finding the right grip to help muzzle flip is another tip.

Soe times I wish manufactures would provide suggested tips on proper grip.

Until the DVG-1 comes out this revolver action is only option. Even with the DVG-1 option I like the idea of double strike capability of the sccy.

It just takes time to learn to shoot.