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Sccy CPX2-RD MCARBO spring kit installation

I just got done installing the MCARBO spring kit and I wanted to see if anyone else had done so and thought that the 2 frame pins were a real bugger to remove!!! Its probably a good thing, but holy smokes did it take some force to remove them. Lol. The spring kit itself was extremely easy to install using the video and just following along. Everyone take care and have a great day or night. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::+1::+1:


I had previously installed the Galloway trigger kit.
Mcarbo spring kit is the way to go. I installed yesterday and gave me the trigger pull I was waiting for. Very much improved. Once again mcarbo outshines the rest.

I left the Galloway trigger and hammer for now. I will switch back to OEM if any problems come up.

Yea the frame pins were a pain in rear end. This came about as early models had issues with frame pin drifting. Now that you have knocked them out they may drift under sustained recoil.

I have had my glocks do the same at times

Easy fix is to use a dab of super glue or black RTV. Then if needed use wd40 or goo remover when removing. Reapply when full deep cleaning finished.

Yeah know it’s a quirk but it happens.


I had purchased the M*Carbo SCCY spring kit. Installation was straight forward from vid. Shot it at the range. Better trigger. Gave the feed ramp a polish job. P.S. While I had it apart cleaned the trigger chassis.


I just ordered one for my Sd9ve smith. The whole kit. I can’t wait to install it. Supposed to make the trigger pull go from 7 lbs pull to 5.5 but we will see. If it is true then I am going to love that. Who wants to pull a 7lb trigger when u can pull a 5lb trigger.

I have a new cpx2. Fired 23 rounds thru it and the front pin walked out about 1/4". pushed it back to center and fired 28 more times without a problem. Today installed the spring kit and ran 20 more rounds thru it and it seems fine. Made a huge improvement all around. It’s much better than it was. Have not glued the pins yet but am going to for sure.


I just had chance yeat our the mcarbo spring kit after putting OEM hammer and trigger back in.
What a huge difference. Makes the gun even more.of a joy to shoot. Uber reliable no light primer strikes at all. Super happy.