SCCY CPX-2 RD slide with MCARBO trigger spring kit

I’ve upgraded my non-RD CPX-2 with the aftermarket (from SCCY) RD slide. During the install I remembered that the trigger kit includes a lighter firing pin spring as well as the hammer spring and trigger return spring.

In order to move the firing pin spring I’ll have to take the RD off the slide.

My question is - am I at risk of light strikes with the lighter hammer spring but the stock firing pin spring?

I won’t have a chance to get to the range until Saturday to test and finish sighting the RD in.



Every firearm is different, and ammo choice aside. Yes, you run a risk of light strikes. The firing pin spring was designed to be lighter to transfer more of the energy from the hammer to primer. Trust me, I’m the one that designed it.


Thank you, Vlad. I appreciate the info straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

I did get to the range and out of a box of 50 got 2 light strikes. I’ll be pulling the optic and replacing the firing pin spring shortly.

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