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Sccy cpx-2 mcarbo spring kit

I boughtt a SCCY CPX-2 last weekend and I hate the trigger but love the gun. I had trouble removing the roll pin in the slide on my Ruger LCP II so this time I’m using a 3/32 “roll pin punch” instead of the pin punch Chris used in the Ruger video. I plan to oil the pin punch shaft so not to get it stuck in the pin hole.
If anyone has replaced the springs in a SCCY CPX-2 and has any tips for me, please let me know. If the spring installation for the Ruger had been as easy as the video showed, I wouldn’t have had trouble. I need all the help I can get.


The sccy spring kit is a great addition. No issues following mcarbo. You’ll love the trigger afterwards.
You may have trouble with pins. They have tightened them up as they have had reputation of drifting out under recoil. I use a small dab of black ATV silicone to keep them in place after removal.


Thank you, good information on pins and like your assessment of the spring kit.


I own an SCCY CPX-1 and was wondering if the CPX-2 spring kit will work in it? Seems like the only difference between #1 and #2 is the safety. The factory trigger is pure garbage, seems to be breaking at about 9 lbs. I ended up modifying the safety lever as it was tearing up my hand every time it recoiled.


Not sure about cpx-1. Doesnt mention cpx-1 on web page.
I would ask chris@ mcarbo.com to be sure or call mcarbo. (727)223-1816


Just found an older posting that said the safety needs to be removed to install the kit in a #1.


I got the CPX-2. Hopefully the kit will be here soon so I can get started. Thanks GACOP

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I installed the spring kit in the CPX-2. It went like a breeze using the correct punches. The trigger pull is lighter but it still has that long reset and pulling the trigger is still heavier than I wish it was. It was definitely worth the $20 bucks to put the Mcarbo spring kit in it. It landed 10 bullets close enough to each other from a distance of 10 yards to make me dangerous. That’s all I wanted anyway. I wish all trigger pulls were like my stock Luger SR9c. You pull the trigger and you have no idea when it’s going to go off, thus, you can eat the center out of a target because you’re not pulling the gun. But, the SR9c pulls my pants down around my ankles if I don’t wear suspenders. lol