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SCCY CPX-2 Frame Pin Removal (McCarbo Springs kit)

I have a CPX-2 that I wanted to give the trigger an easier pull. Experience level is a tech,then engineer for Kodak Film Testing(anybody remember film?), reairing and designing custom apparatus., all befor a Ph.D and a university career. Most relevant is that I also replace the recoil springs and feed ramp(McCarbo replacements) on my Kel-Tech PMR 30.

The CPX firing pin spring replacement was simple. The only detour was when I punched the lever pin down and as I pulled the punch out, the lever popped out under force from the spring, with both the spring and lever hitting my chest and dropping to the floor. Re-installation at the end was accomplished with a “rubber tips” C-Clamp, holding all in place as I easily then re-installed the lever’s pin.

On to the frame and trigger spring. Frame pins. 3/32 punch, hammered the pin a few time, then a few time more. Not a budge. HArder again, till the point I was worried about frame cracking. The pin eventually move out about 3/64". *I stopped after I noticed my punch now had a slight curve in it… :persevere: Quality punch from back in the day at Kodak.

Any advice would be appreciated. This is a May 2020 purchase, probably with SCCY’s oversized pins. Maybe with locktite?


@Professor welcome to the forum robert

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Glad to have you here

About the same thing happened to me, except my extractor spring glanced off my eyebrow off into never never land, never to be seen again :wink:
Contacted SCCY to buy one and they sent me one free, said it was part of the warranty ? ok
As for the pins, mine were really tough to get out. I used some WD40 squirt the pin and the punch.
Once I got it to move, squirt again and smacked it back in, then turn over and smacked it out.
I think SCCY must have changed something because the pins didn’t just tap out like Chris’s video.
Mine is a newer gun also.

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