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SCCY CPX-2 frame pin failure

Ok - So I think I found out why SCCY doesn’t certify the CPX line with +P or +P+ ammo.

When I switched from my S&W 9c to the CPX-2 as my EDC I ran about 40 rounds of 9BPLE Federal +P+ ammo to see if it caused any obvious issues. Since then I’ve put about 400 rounds of Blazer Brass 124g FMJ and 40 rounds of Federal HST through it.

When I took it down today to install the Mcarbo trigger spring kit (yay!) and a Galloway adjustable trigger, the rear frame pin came out fine. The front pin, however, dropped into 3 pieces, sheared right at the frame on both sides.

I’ll be in contact with SCCY on Monday to determine if I need to send the whole pistol back or if they’ll just send me a replacement set of pins. Hopefully they’ll send me the pins so I don’t have to reverse the spring kit and trigger installation.


Most likely they will send out replacement pins. As I have heard from many SCCY owners.


Yes, SCCY is sending out replacement pins for me.


Got the replacement pins. They sent 2 sets marked “OS” for over size.
The pins themselves are standard 3/32 pins but have been dipped in black epoxy. In order to fit them, I had to sand most of the epoxy off, leaving only a thin layer in place. They fit tightly, but will still be removable if I need to fully disassemble the pistol again.


I have found that a dab of black rtv keeps them in place. Once you knock the oversized pins out a couple times they will walk a bit. Rtv come off with goo removal. Quick easy. Sad I know but less frustration in the end

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