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SCCY CPX-1 Safety Screw Tool

SCCY CPX-1 trying to disassemble the safety lever but cannot determine the screw type and size. I am trying to complete the installation of the M-Carbo Trigger Spring Kit and it appears that it will be necessary to remove the Safety Lever assembly. The M-Carbo video on changing the trigger springs is terrific but it is with a SCCY CPX-2 which does not have the safety feature.
If anyone can tell me the type tool and size for the Safety Lever Screw (01-054) I would greatly appreciate it.


@adonohue Looks like it takes a Torx Bit but I do not know what size. A Torx Bit Set is not expensive and can be found at a hardware store.


The screw you are talking about on the safety uses a torx t-6


Hello @1whiteknight and welcome to the forum.
I use torx bits frequently for allen screws too.

Thank you. I found this kit on Amazon. Sounds like it is Torx T6. Hopefully this will be my last question.


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Iā€™m doing the same thing. Was T-6 the right size? How do you like the new trigger pull?

Yes it was the T-6 and it was really tight. It was a bit of a project getting the springs changed but gave me a good understanding of the inner workings of the SCCY. The new springs have made a major improvement in the comfort and accuracy of this great little gun. I like having the safety and do not know why it was eliminated on the CPX-2.
Good luck with your project. I am sure you will be pleased with the results.