Scam currently in operation

Is a complete scam. They have any marlin you want in stock. They only accept Zelles or crypto currency , Zelles is real app. The web designer is Axiom, I looked into it. I would have paid it if I hadn’t ask to change my order and the scam all fell apart. Finally got hold of Ruger customer service they are aware of it, just not doing anything about it. The site looks as real as it could be, some functions don’t work like return’s and customer service. Discovered all this after the fact. I’m not asking for counseling about it I really just don’t want hard working men, and women to get scammed. Sorry so long, thanks for listening. Someone may have already shared this not sure I’m new.


Thanks so much for a straight forward warning on this scam. I am sure someone will get burned by them that didn’t read your post and, with any good luck, another reader is connected to an enforcement agency that can take them off-line permanently.


You should email that link to Ruger or Marlin. They most likely have a legal team that would shut down that scam site in no time at all.


Yep. Anytime I see they only accept cash apps or crypto, that gives it away.


I don’t trust any place that only requests Zelle, Crypto, or Money Order. Some other butes are places that want you to send payment to a personal account that has nothing to do with the website! A whole slew of these popped up during the initial gun, powder, and primer shortages. Most of 'em you can tell are pretty shady but they’re getting better and making themselves look legit.