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Saving Gun Boxes?

Quick question…
Do most save the original boxes their firearms come in? Just curious as I have accumulated a few and hate holding onto that stuff like that but I feel like if I ever parted with /sold the gun It would be nice to have. Also Im speaking of paper type packaging / box.
Not referring to better quality box case ie. plastic Glock hard case.


@louie088 I am a notorious hoarder of original boxes/manuals/parts/etc. I recently started throwing the gun boxes away and just keeping the manuals. The only real reason to retain the original boxes is for re-selling the gun it looks good to a potential buyer or if you’re moving it’s nice to package the gun back up. Let it gooooooo haha


I do if I feel the box will add value to a firearm that is or may become collectable. Like I have the origional box for my 10-3


I have a Colt Python that was given to me by a very dear friend before he passed away. He was so apologetic when he gave it to me saying he had tossed the original box when he bought it new in the mid 80’s not giving two thoughts that it might be a collector’s item someday. I save everything now that I buy new. I think it adds to the value if you go to sell it, even if it’s not a true collectible.

The few guns I have sold over the years got top dollar because I kept everything…manuals, hang tags, manufacturers stickers. As a seller, I think it means to the buyer I take care of my stuff.

That being said, I have bought some firearms second hand that did not come with boxes, especially long guns but most of those are tools, guns I used for hunting, etc and they get the usual dings.


Presently, yes, I am swimming in cardboard. But I’m about to follow Kona’s good advice. Only boxes I’ll keep are for those that haven’t earned a forever home. I’m blessed in that almost every thing at my house is a forever keeper.

So, I’m gonna pick one or two good boxes that I can use if I ever need to ship a long gun.

I have all the plastic pistol cases and the one metal pistol box (NAA revolver) - they’re staying.


I only own five firearms but currently have the boxes for all. I suppose I hang on to them just in case I would need to send the firearm back to the manufacturer for some reason. That said, I travel light and they do tend to get in the way…

@Chris19d That one deserves an extra like. :+1:t3: I used to have a 1911a1 from 1943 from my grandfather, pristine condition with the original box of pistol balls. Unfortunately, due to the loss of my job when the housing market tanked in '07-'08 (thanks scumbag bankers), I had to part with it…and on the cheap as well. :frowning_face:


when on occasion I do buy a new one, the tag comes off of the gun, peel any stickers carefully and stick em to a piece of wax paper and stick em inside the box. then up in the attic it goes. Still got the UZI hard case, with the fake 10" barrel for display, the sight tool and the original manual with the firearms number on a sticker on the book. and the chamber flag that shipped with it.
yea, im a borderline hoarder with firearms. stuff .
it was hard for me to pull the eggcrate foam that shipped in with the last PSA upper, it sat inside by the trash can for a week before i could actually throw it away


@GOBLIN @chilipepper @Dred As Kona Say’s and My Gun Guy Save the Box ! More (Fun Tickets) at the time if Sale I Myself am tired of Tripping over them, Let the Other Half deal with it when I’m gone.


yes and I put the receipt in the box


Sold them all on ebay with the grip panel I didn’t want. :slight_smile: I hoard other accessories that that money went towards.


Noticed a ruger 10/22 box in my garbage yesterday! The wife threw it out! Go figure…
I don’t really care about that box anyway lol!
Gentlemen guard you boxes!!


I do not, here is my reasoning. Security. I have my weapons staged in different locations. I dont want the boxes around to give a Burgler knowledge of what or how much to look for. I dont want my gear being turned on me. Additionally, should I become a hostage or prisoner in my home or business I am gonna claim no weapons. If I get loose then I have something I can go to.


Yes, I save all gun boxes but don’t think I will sale any of my guns. :+1:


If it came in a plastic case then yes, all cardboard boxes get thrown out…they just take up ammo storage space. :grin:


I have only saved 1 carboard rifle box just incase I have to send 1 back for repair.


Got an attic full of boxes. Am contemplating getting rid of them because they are adding up. Probably keep the boxes for the collectibles though.


Gun boxes, instruction manuals, sales receipts… all burned or shredded.
I don’t want to look suspicious if 1776.2 cranks up someday.