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Savage Axis...keep it or sell it?

I bought a Savage Axis in 6.5 CM. It was too good of a deal, $130 out the door. It is accurate as can be. But I want a better stock and the ability for muzzle devices. The barrel on the Axis is too small to get threaded. And if I want a better stock or chassis, I’m looking at $300+. I think I could sell the Axis for more than the $130 I paid. Question is, do I sell it or keep it? Is it worth putting money into? Or should I sell it and get something like a Ruger American Predator? It would be a bench gun, and I’m just starting to get into long range shooting (300 yards so far).


@Savage636 I have the exact same thing. I really like mine. I use it for hunting and long range target and couldn’t be happier. I had to replace the stock because the front sling stud ripped out while shooting with a bipod. I replaced it with a boyds at one stock and it completely changed the weapon for the better. More comfortable to hold and shoot. Yes it was about 350 for the set up but definitely worth every penny


@Savage636 I put a Boyd’s At-One stock on my Axis. It ran just a little over $200 and was well worth it. As far as a brake, have you looked into the clamp-on type?


@DocA I have. Looking at reviews and reading other forums, opinions are all over the board when it comes to clamp-on brakes


Buy a Boyd’s stock, in a couple of figurations and you will see great improvement in feel and fit of your Savage. Wit Machine clamp on muzzle brakes will also aid in control and recoil felt.

one of my Axis and I did put on a aftermarket barrel to add to the improvements. Well worth the extra cost, along with a trigger kit.


For you guys with the Boyd’s stocks, did you bed the action, or just bolt and go?

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@Savage636 . I bought the bedding and a stainless trigger guard. They also offer an aluminum mag catch clip. But didn’t notice that until after I had already purchased. I am going to order that soon since I didn’t get it for my birthday. Lol. Pillar bedding is the way to go.


@Rod Did you glass bed it also, or just pillar bedding?

@Savage636 just pillar bedding

@Savage636 I am interested in the glass bedding though. Just like you I am just starting to get into the long range thing and still learning about how to set it up. At the time of purchase I didn’t know of glass bedding. Just the stock and pillar bedding made a world of difference in how it feels and shoots. I live in indiana if you are close I would be more than happy to let you try mine to see the difference

@Rod what part of the state are you in? I’m in SE Indiana right on the Ohio.

@DocA. I live in richmond indiana. About a 1/2 mile from New paris. How about you?

@DocA . Sorry. New paris ohio I should have said

@Rod I’m in Vevay, about halfway between Louisville and Cincinnati.

@DocA that’s just about 2 hours away I think.