Savage Axis Bolt


Hey yall I’ve got a Savage Axis chambered in 7mm-08 I’ve put in the Trigger Kit from MCarbo to improve the horrible factory trigger and have done some other upgrades to the gun. Now I’ve focused my efforts to fixing the worst bolt that I have ever seen on any firearm. Do any of yall have any idea on how to fix how heavy the bolt lift is. Thanks- John

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Not sure about the Axis. Does it not have the Accutrigger? I have a couple Savage Model 11 Trophy Hunters, one in .243, one in .308. Both have the Accutrigger which is a pretty good crisp trigger in my opinion. The .243 is a tack driver with my hand loads. The .308 I still haven’t found the ideal load but I’m getting there. The bolts on both of them are pretty smooth but if I use military brass in the .308 the neck on the cartridge fits pretty tight in the chamber. 40 years ago you couldn’t have given me a Savage but now I think it is one of the best mass produced low priced rifles on the market.


No mine is just the regular trigger no accutrigger


@Thejohningram I have a Savage 10P-SR in .308 with the Accutrigger which I think is one of the best production triggers out there. I don’t notice the bolt being heavy at all to lift and I have the oversized tactical bolt handle. I did send the bolt out to have it polished which made cycling the bolt even smoother. I agree with @Texprep that Savage is a great lower priced rifle.

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@dave67 What I’m talking about is the plain basic just savage axis with no accutrigger just the plain basic trigger. I’m not trash talking savage in any way I love their products and wouldn’t turn away from them ever. It’s just on their basic Savage Axis I’ve came into a problem with the bolt being hard to lift.


Is it that way even on an empty chamber or only when cycling a round in?


@Thejohningram So it use to be easy to lift and now it’s hard to lift?


@Texprep It is like this on an empty chamber and when cycling

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@dave67 no it has always been like this.

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@Thejohningram I would call Savage, they are one of the better company’s to deal with.

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Sorry I can’t help. I’ve never handled an Axis so I can’t say what to check. I did have a similar problem that devolved over years of hunting with an Interarms Mark X 30-06. I finally tore the bolt completely down, something I wasn’t really qualified to do and cleaned real good. I actually got it back together and it’s now smooth again.


@Texprep It’s alright thank you!

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I’d have to agree with @dave67. Contact Savage.

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I have an Axis I in 6.5 Creedmoor and it has the same issue. That hard lift is the cocking mechanism for the bolt firing pin.

Some videos ( on how to take apart bolts; kinda fun.

I replaced the same type of spring on my Ruger American Rifle. Wollf probably has a spring for the Axis. They usually come in a couple weights.

If you watch the bolt, when you lift it, it rotates the firing pin mechanism to the notch (black bolt) to cock the bolt, pun firing pin under spring pressure.

Possible other fixes:
Polishing load bearing parts on the bolt is always good, but stay away from the end of the bolt (lugs) as that can change tolerances and head spacing.

Sometimes a snip on a spring will lower its power, but that is usually trial and error. Probably don’t need a full coil. If replacement springs are cheap, you could get a couple and trim to what you think is good. Check the safety still works as it did before The issue you might run into with an easier bolt lift is light primer strikes, which can be solved softer primers or not seating as deep.

The other thing to try is shoot 500 (lots) of rounds and see if the spring lightens up.



I have the 10 FCP-SR and is an awesome rifle for the price point. I bought a couple of years ago after the Trump election and got it with a rebate for $499. I also have an early Savage Hog Hunter in .223 and it is a blast and super accurate! With a Leoplod 1-4x scope I can put 5 rounds on a dime at 100 all day long. I have zero complaints on my two Savages!

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