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Savage 99 takedown project

I just traded one of my buddies 3 boxes of 32 Win spl ammo and a few dollars for a Savage 99 takedown project.

It is a 99 takedown in 22 Savage high power, plus two extra barrels. 250 savage (25-3000), and 30-30.
It is definitely a project, needing some butt stock work plus a few parts (rear sight, butt stock bolt, butt plate), but I think it can be brought back to life and made into a decent rifle again.

I will pick it up tomorrow and post some pics.


Best of luck with it.


@Jperr Thanks. Hopefully it will come together. We’ll see. LOL


Best place i can tell you to look for parts you need would be numerich. I get most of my hard to find bits and pieces from them. I look forward to some before and after pics.


The first thing I need to do is take a good look at it and see what it really needs. I only took a quick look at it for a couple minutes the other day.
I will pick it up today and try to get some pics this afternoon.


Older 99s are great rifles, especially take downs. Be sure you check the headspace on all barrels before shooting them. In 40 years of gunsmithing I’ve seen guys buy extra barrels at gunshows and they may not headspace correctly.



Absolutely. I’m aware of the indexing and headspace issues.

Here are some pics of all the parts just as I got them. The action, 3 barrels (22 hp, 25-3000, 30-30), 2 fore stocks, 1 buttstock + later (aftermarket?) fore & buttstock.
The action is a 22 Savage High Power, with the serial # showing it as a model 1899 (not 99 as I previously posted) made in 1919 or possibly 1918.
The 22hp barrel and takedown fore stock date to 1915.
The 2nd fore stock dates to 1941.
The buttstock dates to 1914. (needing repair as you can see).


Metal looks pretty good and it looks like the stock is “fixable.” They are great old guns and will make a great family heirloom to pass down someday.