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Savage .22 Trigger Job

Finished my M*CARBO trigger job on the Savage 22 I recently bought to teach my grandkids about firearm safety, marksmanship and maintenance.  Replaced both the springs and the trigger itself.  VERY pleased with the result - improved feel and reduced trigger pull weight.  One thing I discovered is that (for me) it was much easier to install the trigger spring using thread wrapped around the ends of the spring to fish it into place.
A dad of one on the kids who plays soccer with my grandson is also ex-US ARMY and his son's interest prompted him to also buy a Savage 22 and install the full trigger kit from M*CARBO.  He's not a clumsy guy nor a gorilla.  When tightening down the longer hollow stud during re-assembly, he stripped out the threads in the receiver. Now he wants to know if there's a source of a replacement receiver or if there is another way to repair the damage.
Anyone have any ideas?
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@MrGED If this is a Savage 64 you should be able to order replacement studs from Savage. I would try using a tap of the appropriate size and t.p.i. first to clean up the receiver threads.



My bad, didn’t make myself clear. He didn’t strip the stud, it isn’t threaded. He stripped the receiver into which the stud is threaded.

Thanks for the reply just the same. Know a source of a replacement receiver? Mine is serial numbered, suspect his is as well.


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just to be sure I’m doing a decent job of communicating his issue, the stud itself has no threads. A bolt runs though it and threads into the receiver.


To repair, run a helicoil, the receiver is the firearm so you can’t replace that without basically purchasing another firearm, hope this helps