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Does Chris read these posts? I sure hope so, cause I wanted to express a heartfelt and very sincere THANK YOU for what he is doing!!!

My wife bought a Sub2k a couple of weeks ago and was having problems with charging the bolt. A quick Google-fu brought me to MCARBO’s two finger charging handle, so I ordered it for her right away.

Same evening - I’m looking at different upgrades on the site and I see a trigger kit for my S&W M&P Shield .40 that is my every day carry. I watch the video and decide to order the trigger kit, polishing kit, bench block and extra sandpaper.

Everything arrived while we were out of town, so when we got back we installed the charging handle on her Sub2k. Great! She’s still a little weak in the pull, but it helped dramatically! (she’s had some muscle mass loss the last few years from an injury, then surgery, plus just getting older - I’m 53 and she’s 54, but we are avid shooters again)

Well, last night I watched the video again for my pistol, then watched it as I did the job on it. First - wow! Chris is right! So smooth and just like butter!!! We have matching pistols, so it was easy to tell the difference when I was done by comparing mine after the work and hers without it. She said, “I think I want that on mine too…” Well, what the princess wants, the princess gets. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Chris, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU! The video was SUPER and made it so easy! I’m not a ‘handy man’ by any means, but I enjoy doing things myself and most of all learning as I do them, and this was a VERY satisfying experience overall! I’m an MCARBO customer for life now, and thank you for the videos and the enthusiasm you have! It was nice inviting you into my home to ‘walk me through it’ and I was responding to you out loud as if you were right there. LOL

I almost tried to call and tell you this in person, but thought if I could give public, positive feedback it might help you out more. :slight_smile:


And - just made another order… Trigger kit for her pistol, recoil spring for her P-32, recoil spring and takedown pin for the P-3AT she gave our son, and another polishing kit… I have a Belgium Browning SA-22 that was a gift from my late dad when I was seven years old, so it’s been very VERY special to me for a LONG time! She surprised me with a full cerakote finish on it for Christmas! Well, some over spray is on the feed ramp and internals, so I’m planning to polish it all up inside to get it working smooth again. :slight_smile:


I’m not the brightest bulb in the fixture but have always been able to follow Chris’ video.
Here is my problem. Keep making upgrades for my firearms I may not be able to buy a new one. :frowning:


@jimmylogan Welcome to the Brotherhood.

Aside from emailing Chris directly (or calling, as you mentioned), you can use @ChrisNelson in your message text and it will send him a notification regarding your post. Better chance he won’t miss it. :+1:


awesome - didn’t know that - since you did, I’ll assume he’ll see this when he gets time :slight_smile:


No need to do that… we are already sending all his kids to college. Lol.