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S2k Grip Covers: What Are You Using?

@jbd0913 I ordered one for my S2K but I see you didn’t punch holes for the grip screws. How would you separate receiver halves?

@dave67 It wraps around the grip completely so you’d have to cut the seam where the two halves meet anyway. Not planning on going back in to mine anytime soon but if I do I’ll just get a new wrap.

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Really appreciate all of the information everyone. Been doing a lot of research and looking on the internet, and I’m leaning toward the Pachmayrs. I like the look of the Hogue grips better, but they seem to add some girth to the grip from the pictures I’ve been able to find of the rear profile of the grips. They seem to have small ambi bulges for the palm that add about .5 inch to the width which is too much for my smallish hands. The Pachmayrs look to be just thin sleeves with finger grooves. I’ll give the Pachmayrs a try and get back to you. Either way, both are great suggestions and Amazon has either brand for under $10.

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@JBoz_7even I have one of each on different guns. The Pachmayrs is easier to put on and take off, it is thinner and softer than the Hogue. Only issue I’ve noticed is because it has more stretch it can rotate on the grip as you use it.


I did not think about that, I will probably cut rubber grip where seams join.

Good to know. I have a coupon expiring the 31st so what I don’t see at the show, I’m picking up cheap here to try it out.


After reading all these, I’m a little embarrassed. I cut a piece of bicycle inner tube and slipped it onto the grip. I was really just seeing if it would fit, then I left it on.



Why be embarrassed? If it works for YOU and one can ‘reinvest’ that money into a more tangible fixture, do it and share the wealth of knowledge!!!


@TooManySubs A section of bicycle inner tube as a grip sleeve is an idea worth putting out there, no need to be embarrassed brother…actually quite interesting idea.


not a thang wrong with inner tubes,I still make ranger bands out of em. bike and motorcycle tubes… Ive used that glue type industrial heat shrink before, but with it, 1 its about 1/8 thick, and when you heat it to shrink it you better be on the mark, because when the glue melts and activates with the heat, you aint going to move it once it cools… ever.

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Installed Talon Grips on my S2K but had to punch holes for grip screws and cut along the grip seams so receiver can still be opened up. They add grip and give a nice feel to the grip.


@dave67 Just put Talon Grips on my EDC . They do have a great feel. S2K is next.


I decided to make my own grips. I started with a 15 foot roll of 2” safety tape from the big box store for $12.97. I’ve since learned 3M makes a 4” wide roll which would be far better but the store did not have it – more on that below. I also would have preferred rubberized rather than granular, but could not find anything local.

I then made a template. This was the hardest part and I went through at least a dozen versions before finally getting it to a point I found acceptable. I am posting it below for anyone to use. It was made for the Glock 17/22 version but should be fairly easy to adapt to other versions. I did the grip in 4 pieces to make it easier to apply and to help avoid bunching up as it wrapped around curves. Because I was working with 2 inch wide tape, mine actually had additional pieces which is what the red line on the template is for. It marks where the two pieces of tape had to meet.

The template is exactly 6 inches wide. As long as you print it at that width with no scaling, it should work although you may need to do some minor adjustment during application.

Below is a picture showing the final result. As noted above, I find the granulate grips a bit too aggressive and would have preferred a rubberized tape. My solution was to actually sandpaper the cut grips with a 400 grit sandpaper to wear them down a bit before applying them to the gun. The final result may not look quite as polished as a set of Talon grips, but it is pretty close and cost me only $12.97 leaving 14 feet of tape to do other guns, cell phones, stairs, etc.

EDIT: Because I combined four pictures, you cannot read the annotations on the lower left photo. The yellow arrow is pointing out the seam where the two pieces of tape meet. That would not be present at all using 4 inch tape. As is, it is not very visible and you cannot feel it at all. The blue arrow is noting that the rear grip could extend all the way to the bottom but that it tends to pucker when you do because of the way the bottom curves and their is ample grip surface without doing so.

Finally, I have since located a rubberized tape on Amazon where a 4” by 12 foot roll sells for $26.94 with free shipping. From the reviews a lot of people are using it for exactly this purpose. I will probably end up replacing the existing grips with a set made from this. Here is the link:


Bumping this post for new members. This tape appears identical to that used by the name brand grip manufacturers and you get a lot for the money compared to the small sheets they sell. I have used it on multiple firearms, flashlights and other gear.