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S2K 40 optic plunge

I apologize up front cause there is a bunch of info here on optics.

I have every mcarbo upgrade except the optic mount. And I really don’t want one…

That said I have trouble with the open sight. I wear glasses and looking out the top is for distance making the peeps blurry.

So I quit shooting it… until I get an optic that will work. (I will purchase the mcarbo optic mount, that’s a no brainer).

When I go to buy an optic it never happens, just is hard for me since I’ve never used any optics other than rifle scopes. (Still not on any hurry but want to shoot this S2K some more)

I didn’t want to spend much Incase I don’t like it… but then if that’s what I do, then I’m probably won’t like it??? Normally I like to cry once and never look back…

But I’m just having a difficult time selecting my first optic of this sort.

Sounds like maybe holosun 510c elite green is the best way to go. Is this what I need?

Lastly I’m mostly concerned about fast and accurate target acquisition with as clear as a picture as one could expect wearing these dang glasses :roll_eyes:.

Understand if you guys are tired of beating the same old question.


@Glwenzl I have been using the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 for about 2000 rounds. So far no problems.

Or a lot of the brothers like the Sig Sauer SOR52001 Romeo5


K … so …

You referenced the 510c but posted a link to the 503. The 510 is a better optic given the specific needs you listed. It will be faster largely 'cause it has a larger field of view.

I have a few 503s, but my next will be a 510.

The reason I prefer the Holosun to the Sig is the 65MOA circle around the dot. It is faster and effective for range estimation in the field.

I don’t want to dig on the TRS 25 too hard, and I think it is a great value option. I would not trust it in the field. But I used to pony up for Eotech before the Chinese made effective Aimpoint and Eotech clones. I’m not ready to take a Holosun to war, but I’m plenty confident with them in the field.


Thanks to both of you and yes my bad I grabbed the wrong link…

Thanks godallmighty, I appreciate your experience and was struggling between those two and was by default think the sig for a few bucks more.

Dred, I really want the 510c but struggle with the price if I get it and it doesn’t work out.

I will make a decision and get both the optic and mount ordered then report back how I like it.

You guys always cost me money lol thanks again!


the easiest one and least exspensive read dot, i picked up , and i say easiest because with the spacer that came with it it was perfect cowitness, but you need to ditch the spacer with the Mcarbo mount, was the TruGlo 20mm triton.

not the prettiest bell at the ball, but works.


I didn’t even consider this one. So would that spacer work well on an AR15 flattop?


@Glwenzl I will check it Gary and get back with ya on that. you have flip up sights on your flat top?


Don’t worry about it too much, I didn’t mean for you to go out of your way. You just got me to thinking about something.

My flattops all have a one piece scope ring/mount on a Picatinny rail and sone sort of a scope (so far


@Glwenzl fits on my flatttop, and with the low spacer it co-witness with my popup front and rear sights… aint a bit of trouble my friend.:+1::+1::+1::+1:


Thank you very much. Just realized that I have some Cabelas points adding up so I might end up trying a couple different ones out.

Thanks again to everyone👍🏻


I’ve got the 503GU and 510c, both red reticles. Haven’t used them extensively but they’re both very solid. Nice reticle, auto on based on movement, good battery life. The 510c can be found for low $200s in a red reticle and like $260 for green, on a good sale.


Decided on the 510c elite and probably buy it at scheels since Cabelas don’t carry it and I also have $75 in gift cards to blow…

Thanks for all your help and I can see the sig and tsr both in my future for other projects. Thanks again!


If anyone has a photo of their S2K with the optic mount and a 510 elite mounted on it, I’d like to see it to show my son. TIA (I gave up looking for one, lots of nice photos but I haven’t found it yet)


I found a photo on FB and am good now… going to wait and see if I can get the mount and The 510e on either vet day or Black Friday sale…



Edited on phone for access to space bar:

Depending on where the negotiations lead … access to everything easily affordable can become a problem. But Aimpoint, Eotech & Trijicon are likely to remain available.


Good point that I hadn’t considered… I have been on an American made kick for the last year or so but wasn’t really thinking about that so much here (guess had my mind on finding the best one).

Thank you!


aimpoint aint from here either, they dont even appear on their dealer map of USA as a authorized dealer. thats one of the reasons that nothing past one generation is warrantied.
take that back, they one now in Manassas VA, and they have changed their warranty, 2 years on professional use, and 10 year on civilian use… with copy of original receipt… personally I would stick with Trijicon, Armson OEG or EO tech. thats coming from past dealings with the AIMPOINT company


Thinking about this one (I see it for less on Amazon but hoping here to avoid the fake and use up my points… See any issues with it?


I just ordered three different optics and about to pull the trigger on romeo

I’ll get it figured out now. Thanks for all your help.

Ordered 1 each 551/552-

Ordered one of these


The first one arrived today. Mounted it just to check it out… now I need to get the optic mount…

Might go shoot a few rounds to see if I like it yet tonight.