M*CARBO Brotherhood

S&W Performance Center M&P40L


Good morning all! I introduced this pistol in my last video, and this week I’m doing an in-depth review and range report. The 40L is also going to serve as the platform for my transition from iron sights to a micro red dot optic, so it will be back in front of the camera for a couple of future videos. I hope you all enjoy this one!



@hrfunk Really enjoyed this video. Can’t wait to see the next one with the micro red dot installed.


Thank you Don! I’m hoping to have the next one in this series up in about a week.



Nice vid! Liked and subbed. My first pistol I got about 5 years ago is an M&P9, great gun, super reliable, and the reason I went with the multimag Sub2k.

Side note, was curious about previous vid you referenced on switch from 40 to 9mm - thought I had the wrong channel for a bit, haha, you lost some serious weight!


Thanks! I decided a couple of years ago that it was time to loose a few pounds.




I bet fightin’ those ‘imaginary gunslingers’ at the start of your video series helps keep those extra pounds off? :thinking: I really enjoy your enthusiasm in your videos (It is a ‘fun’ concept and look forward to them, Howard…) Big smiles!


Thank you! The “fun” component is one of the things I try to emphasize in my videos. I like to think it will attract new shooters and entertain older ones.



Good Video. At 77.5 years old I have been battling aging eye sight and it has definitely affected my accuracy. Because of this, I also have been contemplating switching to a micro red dot. Will watch succeeding videos with great interest.


Thanks Russ! I’ll give you as much info as I can!