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S & W MP Shield 380

I’m looking to lighten the trigger for the M & P Shield 380. The original, not the EZ. I have one and so does my neighbor. Any ideas to fix the 10 pound triggers in them?


The kit doesn’t reduce trigger pull weight but it does make it “feel” like it does.


I had looked at that trigger kit, but considering it’s almost half of what I paid for it, I may just replace it with something new the wife can shoot as what you said, it doesn’t reduce the pull, just shortens it. I was hoping someone would have a kit just like what I bought for my SSCY CPX 2 that would cut it the trigger pull in half. Okay M*CARBO, how about developing a kit just like what you have for the SCCY?


Yeah I hear you. I have one too and it’s not my primary gun just a back up but it does shoot well.
Try and find your wife a Sig 238, that would be a good choice for a similar footprint gun.


@MSgtDave welcome to the forum


Thanks. A lot of forums like this have saved me a lot of money in customizing my pistols to fit my hands and needs as a DAV.


@MSgtDave you will get all the info and advice here no problem


Ill second that. Bestest, smoothest, easiest operating micro .380 right out of the box.


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Well, I like to size of the 380 Bodyguard so I bit the bullet and ordered the trigger kit and a few other accessories. About $170 of parts and other things from Galloway Precision, I’m looking for my gunsmithing winter to kick in to actually replace a part in my SCCY CPX2, Beretta 92 FS upgrades, and now the 380 upgrades.
I broke L1 in my back, so my normal shooting season is done for this year. But, everything will be ready to compete in the spring and I’ll be able to give them a run next year. I did take all 4 stages of a steel plate shoot this year and came in second in a bowling pin shoot, so look out next year!