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S&W M&P15-22 Safety Alert

www.mp15-22safetyalert.com Possible trouble with the bolts on S&W 15-22 rifles and pistols made before Feb.1,2019.



I am sure that this type of ‘unwelcomed’ incident has occured with many firearms… I had just put aside a JWH Custom bolt manufactured because my gun was having a number of failure to feed incidents. When I was able to ‘get lucky’ and the round fed, one misfired when the bolt ‘slammed’ forward. I had the gun facing down range and was ‘prepared’ for it to happen because I had been waiting for a go-no go guage! Personally, I would NEVER have one replace a barrel or build any weapon without it… I replaced the bolt with a ‘matching’ company bolt and barrel (where manufacturer’s clearances) are EXACT. The gun fired and cycled every time as it is ‘designed.’ One should NEVER assume proper fit and function. Come to think about it, it is scary to know that any person off the ‘street’ can purchase and build a firearm (legally,) and realize that there arent enough people that have the ‘ability’ to think it through ‘responsibly’ and understand that they should put their safety first and foremost before taking ‘any’ unnecessary risks!!!



Don, I had thought that you might find the ‘follow up’ of my JWH Custom bolt ‘story’ fascinating?. I had contacted the manufacturer about my problems with it. Without installing it in another gun to check it with a go no go, they are willing to give me a full refund on my purchase! I had told them that I would send it back and ‘try’ their Competition Gen 2 bolt but they said that it was headspaced the same and it would not work? I was suggesting that the company had a ‘bad day’ in my email… They told me that a RMA was not necessary and they will be waiting for the return…