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S&W 686 vs. NE Handgun Course

I’m not sure why some agencies want to have a design of known reliability modified. It seems like every time this is done, the “new” version of the firearm does not perform as well as the older estblished model.


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It is the government “they” always know better then the users of the systems.

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We also had a very similar transition of service guns. We started on the PD (DePere, Wis) with S&W model 15 38spec. I went to a S&W Chief’s Special when I was promoted to the Investigative Div. We then issued the S&W 6906 and later went to Glocks in 40cal. Still have a special feeling about the revolvers and still have many from 22lr and mag to 38, 357 and 44mag. The 6906 was a pretty good gun, just never liked that DA on the first round. As far as the Glocks, I probably carried that the longest of any of my service weapons. I carried the mod 27, while the patrol force carried either the full size or compact. The good thing is that the Dept allowed me to make some modifications to the Glock which allowed me to shoot expert at every qualification. Put 31yrs in and have been retired for nearly 12 now. I was part of the team that did the testing and made the recommendations for new weapons and ammo. It was a great experience and an education being part of that history. Not many now days have that understanding of where we came from to where we are today in the world of LE weapons.