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Running .40 in the 10 mm

I have read that I can run .40 cal in my 10 mm clip. Is this a smart/safe practice?


I have no idea if this is an ok practice, but I have a 20 rd Redball .45 cal converted to 10 mm (10 round mags feel like having small feet) and she shoots it really well; considering I only used needle nose pliers to bend some metal downward very slightly so the 10 was a bit more snug in the magazine.


@AStartledGuy The .40 and the 10 mm both headspace on the front of the brass. You can do it in 10 mm revolvers with a moon clip used on the .40. You might get away with it in a semi-auto pistol but most likely the firing pin will push the .40 further into the chamber instead of firing it. You have a blowback operated gun, not a locked breach Glock whose extractor grabs the ammo’s rim while chambering it. I believe @Dred has one. Maybe he can answer your question better than me.


Yes, you can fire .40. Note that you will be headspacing on the extractor rather than on the mouth of the casing. So, your extractor must be functioning properrly and repeated firing may lead to extractor wear or failure.

I run a bit of .40 through all my 10s (both). This confirms viability of the firearm as a platform to fire .40 if it ever gets that bad. 40 has run fine in all 4 of the 10s I’ve tried.

It is a good practice to clean the chamber after firing 40. The chamber rim 10mm headspaces on has been exposed to blast from the 40. Clean it to ensure 10 finds battery properly.

On the magazine front - they can run. I’m careful to load them flush with the back wall of the mag. I too can run 10mm from 45ACP Redballs but it just doesn’t feed smooth enough for warm and fuzzies yet.


Sorry I have been absent (current state of the world and what have you).

That is what I needed to know. The sizing discrepancies led me to assume that ‘brasslead’ will foul the hell out of the barrel. Nevertheless, I was successful at saving around .49-1.00 a round at the range.

That said, I was highly disappointed with the .40 in general. Armscor and Federal Ammo went through and seemed to have a very inconsistent grouping (Federal outdid Armscor). 10 mm Federal Ammo and Underwood grouped .5 or less at 20 yards. I think it has something to do with the velocity of the 10 mm over the .40 (I do not want a .40 v 10 mm thread as that has been done waaay too much, lol).

I appreciate the assistance. My Underwood ammo is filthy as hell. +P really can be a dirty whore if you don’t clean the bore.


Good advice for any cartridge pairs, .45 Colt in a .454, 44 Sp in a 44 Mag, .38 in a .357 Mag all come to mind


I prefer dual cartridge firearms & conversion barrels to make them dual cartridge !


If you tape a clip to a magazine it makes your gun more accurate, too.


Gorilla tape works best!


Like a paper clip? What if I used 2?

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