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Ruger9mm barrel

Does anyone know where the best place to giro if I wanted to buy another barrel for my carbine?



My best guesses are your local gun store(s) and/or gun shows.

Good luck!

Not sure about the best place but, short of buying another carbine, I think the only place is probably from Ruger directly. Given they were unwilling to sell me a handguard for my AR556, they don’t strike me as being big on selling parts for their guns with exception to what’s available via their online shop.


Your right. They will not sell me a barrel. Other parts yes.


I didn’t want to be, if it’s any consolation…

I was really surprised when they wouldn’t sell me a handguard, it’s not a part that needs any skill to fit and I was willing to give them the serial number, etc. to prove I own the gun. No dice.