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Ruger SP101 - Polishing Internals


I have my own firing range just outside the front door, so I can test a firearm I work on instantly
shot about 20 rnds through the SP101 - trigger pull was lighter but just didn’t feel as smooth as before
have a bag of hammer springs from my GP100 project
started changing out hammer springs - no other change - no other disassembly
even has a cut down spring
I found by going up and down in hammer springs, I got a smoother trigger pull with certain springs
in the end, I chose a 10# GP100 spring - the trigger pull is now 8.5#, but much smoother
no change in single action
must have something to do with pressure of the hammer strut into the hammer socket
remember, I still have the old style SP101 hammer
maybe a gunsmith can explain this to us, but in my case, it turned out to be true

OK color me foolish or just old - turned out to be a slightly bent hammer strut
installed a used one from Numrich and the problem went away
installed the springs from the Mcarbo kit and it works fine now
double action breaks at just over 7# and single action is 3#
trigger pull on my SP101 is now butter smooth


Did my gp100 about a week ago. Great kit and video. Super happy with the trigger


Bought all the parts and finally had time today to do the polishing and install the springs. Went from 10.2lbs to a 5.5 lb double action trigger pull.


Well worth the time. The more I shoot mine the better it gets. Glad you were able to have the trigger pull gauge to tell the actual reduction.this little kit made me a happy camper


I actually did a GP100 and Sp101 with the same results. It was messy but fun. I have some guys on a local forum telling me that I have made my revolver unreliably by going to a 5.5 lb DA pull.


Well take them out and shoot them. Mine have been nothing but reliable. No issues what so ever. The good thing is if you don’t feel comfortable than mcarbo refunds your money.

Most of the guys saying that is because they are used to getting the springs and doing things by trial and error. Mcarbo did their research and got their own springs to provide a reliable kit to reduce the trigger pull.

I have their products on my sub2000 and ksg and mossberg and have never had an issue with them.

Again you can also get your money refunded. Remember life time warranty no questions.

Before you do I would take the guns out to the range and put 100 rounds through each.

You’ll walk away with a big grin and more mags confidence in the kit.

I cant say enough good things about those guys.
Write and email to the owner Chris and he will answer it even call them.

Ok it’s starting to sound like a bromance thing.



Why ?? I love the spring kit in my SP101 DA. Its the most reliable hand gun i own. Some guys like to talk BS. if you dont own one you dont know !!!