Ruger rotary style magazine 22magnum speed loader

Hi All,
I have looked pretty hard to find a speed loader for the Ruger 22 MAGNUM rotary style magazines. I can find speed loaders for the Ruger 22 Lr cartridge rotary style magazine all day, but not the 22 magnum style.
I know Ruger does not make one as of 27 Oct 2021 because i spoke directly to them. I also emailed / called Mag Warehouse, Optics Planet, Midway USA and a few others. I also went to YouTube and painfully entered several versions of looking for a 22 mag Ruger rotary magazine speed loader and came up empty.
I’m tempted to put a Bounty out to the first one that finds a site for one that actually works. Possibly a 5th of your favorite adult beverage, tempted being the key word here.
Thanks for your help,


@Powerplantman I just double stacked Mine, a couple drops of Seal all
after Emery the surfaces have holding for years on My Magnum Research 10’22 and Putting the Quick Release lever and internal Mod for the stock POS button. You Might Check with Magnum Research for loaders.

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Thank you for sharing. I gonna check that site tonight and give you a full report later
Be safe

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I use the TriMag in my 22 LR’s. Easiest way to load is to leave the empty TriMag in the unloaded/safety checked rifle. Let the rifle hold the mag’s…then it’s very easy to load with ONLY one hand.
I lay the rifle down on a table or bench to stabilize the mag’s.

Hold ammo in one hand and load with the other.

Rotate the mags in the well after you load each one.


I’ve had mixed results with 22LR speedloaders. I haven’t found one yet that doesn’t jam constantly. More work that it’s worth. So I just buy more mags and fill them up the old fashioned way. Don’t think I have ever seen a 22 WMR speed loader. If you find one, buy it while you can.

I’m going to make a prediction. The Biden administration will fail to achieve their dreams of banning or registering all guns. But what they will get is a ban on “high capacity” magazines. They will do this to save face and not seem like they failed. They will get some moderate Republikans to support it.

I think gun makers will roll over and stop selling mags that hold more than ten rounds. I hate that, but I’m reasonably certain this is where it’s going.

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