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Ruger Ranch 7.62x39 mag well

I have a Ruger Ranch 7.62x39 that Ruger advertises will accept Mini 30 magazines. I have tried 3 or 4 brands of plastic and steel mags and haven’t found any after market plastic mags that will fit normally into the mag well. I called Ruger and they aren’t aware of anybody having this problem. They sent me a brand new mag well for free and it makes no difference.
PROMAG steel mags seem to fit perfectly. PROMAG plastic mags do not. I have a few USA brand mags that are steel, and they do not fit. Ruger steel mags seem to fit normally.
Another mag that fits perfectly is a Ruger Mini 14 mag. Unfortunately that mag is for 556 / 223. Ruger says mini 30 mags will fit this rifle. Maybe they need to narrow down their recommendations down to “RUGER” brand mini 30 mags?
Any thoughts or opinions on this issue?


For reliability purposes I typically go with the manufacturer’s mags. There are plenty of cheaper aftermarket mags for almost any gun out there. But the key is “cheaper”, rarely the quality of OEM. If using for recreational purposes I can see going with the less expensive mags. Most of my weapons are for job related and personal protection purposes. I do have a number of “after market” mags but stick to brands like Wilson Combat.
I have been looking at several Ruger Tactical mini 30’s. I like the caliber and I do like Rugers. I have a 10-22 and an SR-556. What do you like about yours and what are the general purposes for which you use it?


Thanks for the input. I’ve had several Ruger pistols and rifles. All have been super reliable and accurate right outa the box. I agree that running the same brand of magazine a firearm comes with is always a good idea. I’m strictly a recreational shooter now. My hunting days are behind me but I’ll take an occasional coyote that’s getting too brave. I like the simplicity of a Ruger. Depending what model I’m shooting, most are low priced and manage to put a hole where I want it, when I need it.