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Ruger PCC fails to reset

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you replaced the trigger spring kit, extra power recoil spring, and the trigger all at the same time, and now you get failure to reset about every 30 rounds or so.

Hypothetically which one of those would you suspect of being the culprit?


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Not sure what you mean by “re-set”

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Do you mean the bolt “fails to hold open” on last round fired?..or the trigger fails to reset while firing?

How old is your PCC and how many rounds fired?

Which brand magazine are you using and how old/dirty is it?

Have you followed either of these videos?:


I think he means Trigger re-set, Is there binding in any way shape or form? is the spring and plunger at the rear of the trigger guard bound up or no spring?


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Exactly what do you mean by “failure to reset”? The hammer isn’t cocking? Based on what you’ve changed, the problem is most likely in the trigger group.

If it’s the trigger, have you checked that the hammer strut/spring is correctly in the hole in the trigger group frame? Is the sear/disconnector/disconnector spring assembled correctly? Chris’ video that MountainHunter linked to is really good showing how these go together.

Help us out here… we don’t have enough hypothetical information.


Yes, to the trigger reset. I’m talking about a dead trigger. Ammo is cycling just fine. It ejects and there is a live round in the chamber. The trigger is forward and moves, but I think the hammer has followed the bolt forward…perhaps not being caught by the disconnector. I’ll have to check that on my next range trip. Nothing happens until I work the bolt again. Very intermittent.

I should be receiving the stainless pin set in a few days. When I disassemble to replace the pins I will inspect everything. I was going to pick one part to go back to original equipment, but I couldn’t figure which one to start with.


That certainly sounds like a problem with the sear and disconnector. If the hammer isn’t cocking it’s because the sear isn’t catching it when the bolt pushes it back, either because the sear and disconnector aren’t assembled correctly or something is blocking the hammer from going all the way back or blocking the sear from engaging the notch in the hammer. The disconnector keeps the trigger from being able to re-engage the sear until you release it - that’s what makes the ‘click’ when the trigger resets.

The whole trigger group is so easy to get to and work on, I’d definitely take it apart and check things out before going back to the range.


Strange problem.
The fire control on the PCC is essentially a 10-22 trigger group which is inherently reliable.
It seems you’re not alone though:


Maybe we should step back a little. Did the gun run okay without the upgraded springs and trigger? If so, put everything back to factory stock and test it again. Then change one thing at a time, probably starting with the trigger.


It ran fine with the stock parts, Phuzz, though the trigger was 5 lbs. That came down to 3 with the new parts. I want to try one thing first before going back to completely stock. When those pins arrive I will inspect my install work carefully during the teardown. If I find nothing obviously wrong I will change just the disconnector spring back to original strength during reassembly, and test it then. If I’ve still got a problem at that point, I’ll follow your plan.


Thanks for the help, Everyone.


Another thing you can do to help trigger pull is to polish the holy crap out of everything.


My PCC9 had a few “ trigger fail to resets” in the first few hundred rounds. It never came back.
That’s why :eye: asked the age?


It was solid prior to putting in the spring kit and other parts. The problem showed up toward the end of the first magazine after that and keeps intermittently showing up.

This is my second PC9. The first one would occasionally go into burst mode, stock from the factory. Ruger tried to fix it once. They sent it back to me, with a work order stating that they replaced almost all the guts. (That was bull…I still recognized familiar scratches on “replaced” parts.) Still happened, so they swapped me a new gun. This one has been a solid unit, up until I played gunsmith with the Mcarbo parts.


My PCC9 also had a few double discharges early on. :eye: think it was just me getting used to the trigger and parts breaking in. Hasn’t happen in over 1,000 rds.


The problem is that the trigger return spring is too lite. I installed a stronger spring and it totally fixed the problem. The problem occurs because the trigger return spring competes with the disconnector spring. I now have a 5 pound trigger, still very nice and no problems.


Welcome to the forum, Tom. Was the trigger plunger spring a stock part? I’ve never run into that problem - hard to think the little disconnector spring can overpower the heavier trigger plunger spring without something else going on. Anything binding up or ‘gritty’? Did you try polishing the sear, hammer, and disconnector?

Ruger’s warranty is very good. I asked them where I could order a recoil spring retainer since I didn’t see it on their website and they sent me one for free, no questions asked. They’d probably do the same for your springs.