Ruger PC9 won’t separate

Hey guys my Ruger PC9 barrel won’t separate from the frame. It’s like it’s stuck. I push the lever and can’t twist it. Any suggestions??


Sounds like the forend locking ring might be too tight. Unless it’s really tight, you should be able to back it off a little while still assembled in order to get the halves separated.

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As Brother Chillipepper suggested and I’ll add my 2 cents.
Is this problem before or after shooting? I ask because occasionally the barrel to frame interface can become contaminated with carbon.
If this is the case then a liberal soak of some gun cleaner will help break the carbon lock.


I ran mine pretty snug, not uncommon having to wait until the gun cooled a bit to get things apart after a good run at the range.


Thanks for the welcome! I’ll try to loosen the nut. Thanks again,


I took it to the range and shot about 300 rounds through it and brought it home broke it down and cleaned it, then put it back together. Then the other day I tried to take it apart to show someone how it detaches and it wouldn’t come apart. :joy:
I even had someone else hold the frame while I twisted the barrel and nope. I will try to turn the nut and see if that works. If not I’ll spray some clp in there and see what happens. Thanks!!!


Thanks for the input. It’s been a month of cleaned sitting but imma try to loosen the nut.


Welcome @Codyis1475 If the adjustment knob won’t move… As a backup…try removing the fore grip and retry…if that doesn’t work…loosen the locking block mounting screws (#19 x 2) slightly and retry.
If they’re overtightened, the same problem occurs.

I keep a black magic marker reminder of the adjustment knob “Tighten Adjustment Direction” marked on the receiver.

Here’s some useful info:

Good luck…:sunglasses: