Ruger PC9/PCC: Magpul Backpacker

I was so thrilled with the 10/22 Backpacker stock from Magpul that I ordered one for my Ruger PC9. It was on backorder for a long time. About three months. Now it’s on the way.

Here’s the 10/22:

As with the 10/22 I could have gone with more “tactical” upgrades but the more I thought about the use case for each of these Rugers, the backpacker made the most sense. Fits in a backpack (literally), lightweight. No lights, lasers or an overabundance of rails.

I’m on the fence about optics for the soon to be backpacker PC9. Leaning toward a scope vs. RDS. My 10/22 backpacker has a decent Nikon rimfire scope. Most PCC shooters prefer a red dot of some sort. Again…the use case: It is more likely that I would be targeting something at an intermediate distance, probably outdoors with the PCC vs. clearing a room in my home or other indoor space and other similar circumstances. Nobody goes backpacking in their house. Or needs a takedown for home defense. Or target shooting - other than drills/practice. Given all of that, a scope makes the most sense to me. I’m thinking Vortex Strike Eagle. Great scope, not too pricey, durable.

After all that is complete, I’ll put a Volquartsen trigger in it then call it done.


I have the same Vortex Crossfire 2 MOA red dot on my Ruger takedown 10/22 and PCC9. On the PCC9 I also have the Vortex Micro 3X sitting on the end of the rail. I don’t have a long range so no need for a scope. Love the quality and warranty with Vortex.
Both of my takedowns are always assembled at home.


RDS like the Crossfire on a carbine… I’ve had OK results out to about 200 yards. That’s beyond the normal range of a red dot, but when sighted in properly it can work good, not great to that distance. Depending on the ammo/caliber of course.

For me personally - at 100 yards and beyond, I prefer a scope. Unless you are just ringing steel, a miss at that distance gives whatever you are shooting at an opportunity to get away or remain a threat. At 200 yards I also want some magnification and a wider field of view. Especially with a 9mm. For a typical 124 gr FMJ 9mm, the bullet drop is negligible at 100 yards but out to 200 it’s 40 inches give or take a few.

I keep takedowns packed and ready to go with ammo and the obligatory companion pistol. In the event of the unplanned zombie apocalypse, a meteor strike, volcanic eruption or coup d’état.

I should add that my practical definition of intermediate range is between 100-200 yards. Beyond the effective range of a pistol. And for the record… I have heard stories like that of one-eyed Joe Fludzap who after drinking six shots of tequila shot the wings off a gnat at 200 yards with his grandpa’s 22LR with iron sights. Good for him. :slight_smile: