RUGER PC chassis carbine build

strong textGot my PC in Nov. 2021 and just finished it this week with the addition of a MAGPUL 1/4" high cheekpiece for the original MOE adjustable stock. This is so my eye aligns perfectly with the HOLOSUN AEMS “donut of death” circle/dot reticle on its 1/3 co-witness mount.

BUILD FEATURES: All M*CARBO parts (no discontinued trigger parts), many MAGPUL parts like grips, sights, sling, etc. TACCOM machined Delrin flared mag well and four 33 round GLOCK “fun sticks”. BTW, I added a Midwest Industries folding stock “knuckle” and LBE AR tube to the factory MOE stock. In this photo the mag well and cheekpiece aren’t on yet.
This build is for Steel Challenge competition. Now I have to get myself ready.
(Why didn’t I post this under “New Builds”? B/C there were already too many posts on that thread.


Cooper custom chassis, Mcarbo stuffings, primary arms dot, magpul furniture and Tandamkross hive grip

I added the Tandamkross Victory, with over travel adjustment, to mine. Total take up and over travel super crisp. With sear and hammer polished.

Here is the reset.

I do not know what the reset is but a .050 hex wrench would not pass between stop and rear of trigger guard.


Turmeric, I’ll look at that Tamdemkross trigger thingy but I’m strongly considering a Volquartsen complete drop-in trigger pack. (Can you spell lazy?)

PS Our carbines exude “badassery”. They are heavy but accurate and reliable and eat any ammo.
Plus chicks dig 'em. :lying_face:


Yes I can.
I want to know how the Volquartsen works. I am sure it is great.
The trigger in the PC9 is a simplified 10/22 setup and the time for me to take it apart I have learned where to polish. I have the BX triggers in the 10/22;s so I do not mind 15 minutes to disassemble and replace polished parts. here are my 2 10/22;s with the Tandamkross triggers ($49)and pulls.
10/22 take down

long gun. You can see the amount of travel there isand reset is less than short.

What OEM parts looked like

After 2 minutes of polishing OEM parts. Using flitz and dremel w/ felt spindle.
No sanding, filing or grinding
Notice the reflection on surface of me taking the pictures
Coat these surfaces with Chris;s favorite thing, silicon w/PTFE and :boom: .


YES INDEED. If you decide on the TANDAMKROSS watch the video of Tandamkross Bill. he is hilarious !

If you decide to do the TANDAMKROSS have some SUPERLUBE oil or silicon grease w. PTFE on hand. Also flitz and a dremel to polish the engagement surfaces of the hammer and sear.
AS you are reassembly use a micro oil dispenser and a dab on the sear and disconnect before assembly .
Also apply a dab inside the rear of the hammer where main spring goes. Also the hole in the hammerwhere the pin goes.


If you perform the above items you can have a trigger like the ones I have.
ANother thing I like about the Victory trigger is you can adjust the over travel without removing the trigger again. I also like the short reset.

I also suggest, if you do not already have an extended bolt release lever order one along with the trigger THEY ARE HANDY. slip out the pin, remove OEM lever, slip in the new lever and install the pin.


They send a slave pin to secure the sear until you place it in the trigger assembly. They also include a stiffer trigger return spring if there is a reset issue with your trigger. THE spring thing is not even mentioned in video.
I recommend you place the overtravel screw (with blue locktite applied) in the trigger before reinstalling the disconnect and sear. That might save time not having to look for tiny parts.


Waiting on the Magpul backpacker for the PCC. Will post pics after it arrives. I wanted grey. It’s been backordered forever.

Turmeric, Thanks for the info. I am now looking more at the Tandemkross trigger setup since the Volquartsen trigger is NOT adjustable. A 1.5 pound trigger is very light a stiffer (faster) trigger return spring it will accommodate faster firing if needed in competition, as in a required double tap.

And polishing the sear is fairly easy with my Dremel tool and some polishing paste I have.
It may seem strange to talk about this for a PCC but “a good trigger never hurt any firearm”.
(God, I love to quote myself. ;o)


And the one Tandamkross includes is a lot stiffer NO DOUBT

I am so happy with the TK’s that I just ordered one for my PMR30 this morning.
They have GREAT CS also.
The longer spring is from Tandamkross, the pin is the slave pin for the sear the wrench works great for adjusting/. It will fit length way inside the trigger guard.
Here is what you get with TK.

If you go with the TANDAMKROSS I will be happy to hear what you think !

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Turmeric, The TK trigger fix is a lot less $$ than the drop-in Volquartsen trigger group. But mainly I like the TK adjustability. I’ll probably get it in mid April. Got a lot of Honey-Do projects to finish and then an early April Hawaii vacation.
The TK trigger “science project” looks relatively easy from the YouTube videos I’ve seen. I’ve already added all the M*CARBO parts so I’m familiar with the interior of the PC action.
BTW, I also take turmeric every day. A Scientific American magazine article said indications were that turmeric can delay the buildup of the plaque that causes Alzheimer’s. Hey, I’ll take that. I already have CRS (Can’t Remember s#!t).
Eric B.

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Back on topic
PC9, Mcarbo guts, Copper Custom chassis, TK victory trigger w/ factory trigger reset spring, Primary Arms MD (set at lowest setting) and LAX 115gr FMJHP reloads at 25yds. .6 round group (I was at the end of a box). I guess I pulled a couple.

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Turmeric, After looking at the TK video I’m not seeing anything but a new trigger. No new springs or other guts. IS that right?
If so I can polish my own sear and I suppose I could play with the spring length if I was brave.
My average trigger pull on the my PC chassis carbine is 3 pounds 12 oz. and it is very consistent at that weight. So not a bad pull weight for a PCC.
Eric B.

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See the pictures in my post above. They are real results. Those are my pull weights and polished parts. That is what comes with the trigger bow.
TK videos are real plain jane type of affairs. They do not talk about anything other than the subject at hand.
Just call them and ask them.

When I was at the range Sunday (yestrerday) shooting the target above, there were 2 others there that had PC9’s. One of them was the RSO and he had been looking for a trigger. The other was a shooter. I think both liked the trigger action but not the light pull. ON WELL. I told them of the included spring.

What “included spring”? Does one come with theTK trigger? You mean the the return spring behind the trigger?
Eric B.

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YES stiffer trigger return spring as seen in my post above