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Ruger PC Charger problem

Recently purchased a pc charger. Set it up with Glock mags. Shot 300 rounds during my range visit. Varied manufacturers of quality 9 mm used. The last 100 rounds had 6 stove pipes.
I called Ruger who sent me a shipping label and off it went to the factory. Two weeks later I got it back, the complete bolt had been replaced and test fired for 150 rounds and given a clean bill of heath by the Ruger tech.
Ran 200 rounds 1st range visit all good. Love this Charger. Super accurate and a lot of fun.
2nd range visit had 1 stove pipe in 170 rounds.
3rd visit 200 rounds and approx 7 or 8 stovepipe.
I don’t slam my magazines home. I keep my weapons very clean. Really disappointed I have to say. Haven’t contacted Ruger yet.


seems to be on the charger’s most of the issues tend to be the the magwell adapter /ejector, are you having the same issue with the factory ruger magwell /magazine? a lot of the time polishing the ramp and chamber helps as well, slicker on feed and extraction. how many rounds total thru it?


When the stove pipes occur do you try a “chamber check”? The PCC’s run very dirty.


This worked for me: I had similar experiences running my PC Charger, with constant FTE and FTL. It deteriorated to failure every 4-5 rounds. I achieved some improvement by tightening the takedown barrel adjustment (improves feed ramp action) and applying blue loctite on main assembly bolts.

Totally eliminated the problem.
Installed the MCARBO recoil bundle with springs and extractor. Also replaced the ejector in the Glock mag insert with the ejector from a Ruger American mag insert (the angle of this ejector tip works better - Brownells $19.99). Ruger American, not the SR9.

I can run dirty with any ammo - incl steel all day… well, at least back when you could run a few hundred rounds without taking out a 2nd mortgage.

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Seem to have solved the problem by changing the glock magwell ejector with the one out of the Ruger magwell. 750 rounds over 3 range visits and all is great. I have 4 glock 30 round mags and four less expensive off brand. All work well. Used a bunch of different ammo and all fed. It does get hot though! Lol
Love my PC. Really glad I didn’t give up and sell it!